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Ugly Sunday

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Sep 12, 2005.

  1. For those of you who were appalled, confronted, disappointed, insulted and generally not edified by the parade of primping prima-donnas pressing their pathetic political points in yesterday's Ugly Sunday, here's something to bring our minds back to motorcycles, and what the forum is supposed to be about.
    I have purchased a $100 gift voucher from www.gobike.com.au, who bill themselves as Australia's Biggest On-Line Motorcycle Accessories Store. (I don't know whether they are or not, nor do I care much; $100 is still $100 wherever you spend it.)
    All you have to do to have $100 spending at this store is to provide a caption for each of these five motorcycling pictures.
    The captions do not have to relate to the actual content of the pictures, nor do they have to make a lot of sense, as some of the pictures don't either. But it would be noice of they were at least marginally printable, and hopefully also funny; (can't see the point of a serious caption competition, can you? No? Thought so!)
    OK, please avoid upsetting the sensitive souls who think that if YOU post you are going to fill the internet up and there'll be no room for THEM, and post only one set of answers!
    As usual, the judge's decision will be final, and no correspondence will be entered into. Bribery will get you no-where, but a sincere apology from some of yesterday's spiteful posters might square the leger.
    I will award the prize next Monday!
    So here's the pics. The file names are just because files have to have names; call them what you will.
    http://home.exetel.com.au/hornethome/Motocross Mud.jpg
    Seconds out, begin!!!

  2. 1. Hmm, glad to see I didn't go with the slicks in the end
    2. C'mon Malcolm, lean harder into the turn, we're still half a second down on the leader.
    3. I'll teach you to play chicken with me, I'll ram my Harley up the inside, oh wait...you ride a Harley too.
    4. Hey Joe, looks like that prostetic leg makes sitting on the bike uncomfortable.
    5. Great...now my bike's as wide as my arse.
  3. What the hell, I'll have a shot at some amusing stuff...

    #1: The smell of freshly burnt two-stroke oil. The sound of revving engines. The feel of that mud splattering over my visor. I love the great outdoors!
    #2: Chairman: "no, don't pull over, I've got the Tarzan's Grip right here..."
    #3: New Harley: $30,000. New Riding Gear: $2,000. Photo Shoot for your Bad Boy image: $1,000. The look on your face when you realize thats not a mirror in front of you: Priceless.
    #4: This new Akrapovic pipe sure does make the treadly go quicker, eh Dad?
    #5: For Sale - iScoot, complete with usual bling. Road optional.
  4. 1) "Hi i'm Jon Harker and this proves that napisan really can remove any stain!"

    2) "Come on billy, take one for the team"

    3) WTF!!!, Who put that mirror there?

    4) "New netrider saying hello"

    5) Jetpacks give you Booooost!!
  5. 1: Why does it always have to rain just before a big Netrider Learner friendly ride ?

    2: "deyago" yup Chairman its still there ! ..... but I thinks it flat !

    3: Bubba did you say I should Zig or Zag ?

    4: for those that remember the old caltex add ( put a tiger in your tank )
    Hey Glen that tiger in your tank has got stuck in your exhaust !

    5: All that reflective tape should dazzel that damned speed camera
    or my name isnt Scumbag !!
  6. What the hell:
    1. "... and Phillip Island circuit looking picture perfect for todays race... no, wait..."
    2. "Whaddaya mean 'Did YOU tighten up the front?' !!!"
    3. "Now push left to lean right ...no, wait..."
    4. "Yer, they're quick, but the new Gixxers exhaust sure is ugly"
    5. "Does my a^se look big in these panniers?"
  7. 1. I knew I shouldn't have washed the bike this morning.
    2. Yeah I see the problem, quick hand me the duct tape and a couple of cable ties
    3. What's this mirror doing in the middle of the road?
    Edit: since this caption has pretty much already been suggested I shall change my answer to:
    Damn you look sexy, come 'ere and give me a kiss
    4. Someone get this salmon off my exhaust pipe.
    5. If my bike's got Mac stickers on it maybe it won't crash
  8. ummmm.... top stuff there hornet. dunno what possesed you to go out and flick $100 our way for no reason, but i sure as hell wont complain :D

    1 - i HOPE this is mud, i dont remember it raining :shock:

    2 - when i said "check out the rack on that" i was talking about the blonde in the crowd :roll:

    3 - taking the nod and wave one step further, a biker goes in for the cuddle...

    4 - i look like thuch a rebel now dont i bruth 8)

    5 - you do the countdown, i'll flick the switch. now wheres that goddamn monkey test pilot got to? :?
  9. 1. The opening of Victoria's newest freeway. Built entirely without toll's.
    http://home.exetel.com.au/hornethome/Motocross Mud.jpg

    2. See! You CAN steer by weight alone.........

    3. You biatch...you KNEW I was going to wear denim.

    4. Yup..they're still there, thank Dog for the tank pad!

    5. GO ON...fall off now ya bastard..........
  10. Bwahahahahahahaa
    bewdy :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  11. ooooooo potential of something for nothing, i like! :D

    1. the crowd boo'd as the girls mud wrestling competition was rudely interrupted

    2. the Tobin Brothers funeral director struggled to keep the riders last journey on track due to mechanical failure

    3. newspaper headline 'love at first sight, and resulting fatal collision blamed on open face helmet'

    4. (still thinking about this one will chuck it up in a minute) edit: now added exert from fortune 500 magazine monthly 'hoover's advancement to north america's largest vacuum company owes its success to jimmy. j. hoover, who pioneered hoovers first vacuum cleaner after dismally failing (mostly due to aesthetics) in the after-market exhaust industry'

    5. BMW advertising pitch 'tired of wishing you could afford the prestige of a BWM sedan, while having to suffer the indignity and inconvenience of only owning a pond scum green BMW motorcycle? we have the solution! BMW's new 'FTPs' (family transporter panniers) grant you the ability to sit loved ones 3 abreast as your pillions on your panniers while carrying all your usual paraphernalia..'

    *paraphernalia, non-pond scum green fairings, street cred. not included
  12. 1) mmm chocolate (Holy crap! look at all the chocolate!)

    I like andys response

    2) oh look! chocolate!
    3) shit should have been watching the road, not the chocolate
    4) say "chocolate"!
    5) dissapoint at their faliure in IT, apple start on the motorcycling world.
  13. 1) Friday night coffee sure looks fun!

    2) "Remembering that evil things lurked under his bed, Tom checked to make sure he wasn't being followed."

    3) Finally, proof that two wrongs can make a right.

    4) "Look Mavis, one of dem new Motorbicycle thingys."

    5) iBike - Apples first attempt at a portable music player.
  14. 1. Ahhhh God damn it....... Who forgot to close the septic tank.... This shite stinks!!!!

    2. Hey man, I found the can of Guiness..... Brilliant....

    3. WELCOME to netride BITCHE.... Muahahahahahaha

    4. "Yo Bill....."..... "Wats Up Ted"........ "Man, I dont think wetrider is around yet..."... "Why do you say that Ted"...... "Duuuuuude, the internet has not been developed...".... "wooooow duuuudde"

    5. "News Flash, mastermind terrorist are discovered trying to blow up a BMW......" .... "Authorities are relieved that they have picked a bike that sometiems works and sometimes does not"
  15. http://home.exetel.com.au/hornethome/Motocross Mud.jpg
    ah crap see mum this is why i dont wash my bike

    guy in sidecar - na your right mate the tyres not flat

    O NO! i forgot they drive on the other side of the road here

    mate buy a bike like mine and the chicks will not be able to resist you

    few modifications here and there and rossi you are mine! nothing can beat my ultra wide wastes of space!
  16. I'm not eligible for the prize so here goes.

    I thought I'd base my captions on recent threads and discussions on Netrider.

    http://home.exetel.com.au/hornethome/Motocross Mud.jpg

    Annual General Meeting of MRAA (Victorian Branch)


    If you're going to keep converting every thread into an ad for Triumphs, I'm outa here.


    I ALWAYS acknowledge other motorcyclists.


    Lawrence could never really decide if his Madaz aftermarket pipe made his bike look better or if he'd just fallen for a cunning marketing campaign and his mates were really laughing about him behind his back.


    Incitatus was delighted to take delivery of his new, replacement panniers.
  17. Hmmpf....I resemble that remark!
  18. http://home.exetel.com.au/hornethome/Motocross Mud.jpg
    ...the doc said I needed more minerals in my diet... but this is ridiculous...

    ...er George, I say, George, you're taking the leaning thing a bit too far what?...

    ...Ex roulette pilots Joe and Dave...

    ...Caffe Latte society - here I come....

    ...{Bike thought bubble} "I should be able to make that split... My hips aren't **that** wide?!"
  19. 1. Ooooh RC I will get my hair dirty and I just had a manicure, they look sooooo Butch those boys
    http://home.exetel.com.au/hornethome/Motocross Mud.jpg

    2. Hey RC I reckon my shyte does not stink....wanna smell my bum

    3. You got my tassles on you biatch

    4. Its called a bike Dad

    5. Hey Hornet I see the Apple but where is the blue button