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ugly long busa

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by dje, Jul 15, 2007.

  1. That looks like a fat version of the guy from Limp Bizkit...
    Originally in this picture there was a 3rd girl on the last wheel, but he ate her.

  2. fcuk that is so fcukin stupid.
    wat a poser
  3. I think the bird on the fromt ate the one on the back. (I should talk!)
    A Busa limo has potential tho. But not a 3 wheeler :LOL:
  4. by looking at that fat bars*#rd, he'd need all three wheels

    The girls a cute though :wink:
  5. That rear wheel's not driven, is it? Wonder what it's for? Drag takeoffs? A rolling wheelie bar? It's got a brake on it.

    I wonder what it would handle like.
  6. Err, what the hell is the point? It looks like he's just taken a Busa, and tacked a third wheel on it.
  7. well look he is definatley carrying a spare tyre so why not throw one on the bike for good measure...
  8. meh... they're butt ugly when short, long or indifferent..... at least this bloke tried to hide it by painting it in paint tin accident camouflage
  9. How retarded.. theres not even an extra seat to explain the insanity :shock:
  10. HayaBUSa comes to mind...

    It looks horrible. Especially the paint.
  11. they don't get called Hire-Buses for nothing :LOL:
  12. how would it handle...

    I say impossible to turn in, lots of friction on the last wheel gripping the bike in turns

    American's, straight liners :p

    ah only this case... sorry Harley, Buell, Nicky, Colin, Kenny, ya'll great
  13. It would handle worse than a rolling watermelon.

    The two rear wheels are on the same rigid swing-arm axis. Think about it. When you hit a bump and the rear suspension compresses, the swingarm moves up and down. Now since the two rear wheels sit on the same swingarm, this would result in one of the rear wheels lifting off the ground. The rearmost one would lift if you compressed the rear shock, and the front-rear wheel would like if you extended the rear shock (went over a rise).

    You'd have all that weight of the rear wheels flapping up and down, trying to rock the bike backwards and forwards, taking weight off, and putting weight back on the front wheel, not to mention the driving wheel skipping on and off the deck as the rear shock extends.

    It's be crap even in a straight light, and it'd be downright freaking dangerous in a corner.
  14. +1

    Her stomach is proof. :LOL:
  15. Mate the bloke standing behind em, has bigger tits than both the girls on the bike :LOL:
  16. :LOL: :LOL:


    Someone I wouldnt be calling a poser out loud to..
    unless I was with Bart & he had his firearm handy. :grin:
  17. Butt ugly? This coming from the owner of a bike that looks like a busted ar*ehole?
  18. Fugly az , looks like my worst nightmare of a bike ..