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ugly bikes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by simon varley, Nov 19, 2010.

  1. someone rocked up to work today on an RC8 and it's the first time I've seen one of those in the flesh. By god, it makes the 'strom look pretty!

    so, what do you think are the world's most ugly motorcycles?
  2. Hmm, I'm still new to the biking world, so I had to google this one. Gotta be honest, it doesn't look too bad to me... ;)

  3. I too think the rc8 is a fine looking bike.
  4. I hate anything Spewzuki or Honda or Crapasaki or Gaytona :)
  5. Gotta say I like the RC8 and agree with what goz has said. A few aside I find the japanese bikes tend to take their styling cues from eachother and although mightn't be ugly as such do come across as pretty bland.
  6. Nice shot... one is a short and hot, the other is compact and sexy,

    or is that short and sexy and hot and compact??
  7. Ugly? The RC8?! I reckon it's one of the sexiest looking sportsbikes out there... and my taste is impeccable :p
  8. Loz's bike is by far the ugliest Minga I've ever seen, so ugly it's beautiful in a mesmerizing kind of way. It's like looking at a accident that has been frozen in time. The fact it puts the biggest grin on his face when he rides it makes it all the more appealing.

    The only other bike that i have seen that comes close to it's deformity is his other bike. Followed closely in third by my bike. Although I know for a fact Loz would argue this vehemently because my bike has fairings. I'm sure if i took the fairings off he'd put in third (or perhaps equal second), either way it aint gunna happen. Unless I crash it again.
  9. Easy, the BMW K1 -


    Honda Spacy always cracks me up as it's got the same angular look as Honda's cars from the same time.


    People pay an absolute fortune for them, but I think this is the ugliest Harley ever built:

  10. i personally think the buell lightning is the ugliest thing i have ever seen, its bad.
    and it had awards for being that bad
  11. I (sorta) disagree regarding the K1. It's not pretty but there are, at least, sound aerodynamic reasons for its looks. The R1200C, however, has no such excuses :sick:.

    I quite like the XLCR too.

    Uglybusa and V-Strom get my vote, though the 'Busa may also be able to plead function over form.
  13. Well I like the RC8 and i've downloaded the picture I'm fapping as I type. So there.
  14. My husbands bike is UGLY!

    The Buell Ulysses XB12XT - 2010.


    It has a nice personality though!
  15. These 2 are top of my list of ugly bikes...


  16. [​IMG]

    Leadwing, it's like a recliner sodomising a ride on lawnmower.
  17. These two have to take the awards in my eyes..

    The Rune

    And this....thing


    Some engineers and designers need a good slapping...the people who buy and ride ugly machines...well they are a certain type of special.

  18. That is ugly, but in a nice way, I wouldn't mind riding that, its ugly, yet I cant look away..