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ughboots gets his first bike this Saturday - :-P

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Gilligan, Sep 2, 2006.

  1. Well, after doing my Ls, spending way too much time on Netrider forums and getting geared up, tomorrow I take possession of my first bike - a beautiful dark blue Spada :grin: The Spada checked out all ok so tomorrow I'm picking it up from the guy I'm buying it off and have the scary pleasure of riding it home from Broady to Yarraville. Here's hoping it doesn't rain tomorrow :evil:

    Have to admit the idea of my first proper road ride has got me a bit unsettled, but at the same time I've been SO hanging out for this, it's great to finally have my own set of (two) wheels. Hopefully I get her home all ok without any major newbie stuff-ups :eek:

    Anyway, I'll report in tomorrow on how it all goes. Looking forward to getting out riding with some of you guys, I have much to learn....

  2. Congrats mate...enjoy the ride! :wink:
  3. You'll be fine mate...just take a few breaks as it's a pretty long ride and you tend to find the mental concentration takes a bit out of you..just stop every now and again to stretch your legs and you'll be fine. Congrats on the Spada too...they are a great little bike :)
  4. Woke up, nice and sunny here in Melb. Looks like a good day to pick up my bike :grin: :grin: :grin:
  5. congratulations :grin: hope everything goes well
  6. did you make it home all good?
  7. Hey all, happy to say that the spada and myself arrived home safe and well, so that's ride #1 out of the way. :grin: :grin: Pretty uneventful trip, no dramas at all.

    The bike rode great. Can't wait to take her out again, but the weather is starting to look a bit menacing here, has that 'gonna rain' feeling :( Still, might pop our for a quick one. I'm kind of happy just sitting here seeing the bike parked in my carport at last!

  8. yeay :) well done ughboots :) and major congrats on the bike an first ride :) you never wanna get off once you get it home do ya? If it was me.. i'd be out for a quick one to 'visit mates' or something he he... show it off :) jsut ride :D