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Ugh, Wrong side up! Update 1st page.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Zealt, May 31, 2009.

  1. Okay, so tonight on my way into the city with a mate i was turned in to the meat in a sandwich.

    Cruising slowly along Hoddle St just before the hill at Bridge Rd i was in the left lane (with parked cars) slowly cruising along as i said, doing about 45 - 50 traffic next to me was prob doing 5 k's under whatever i was doing when i get to the end of the parked cars (almost) right at the end some person swerved around the car slowing in front of her to do what i would think was narrowly squease past the turning or slowing car and the parked cars so she didnt have to stop. guess who was approaching her rear bumper as she did this...... No? ME STUPID!

    So she must of thought she couldn't fit after all so as she swerved at me and also jumped on the brakes basically making a V for me to crash into (Great 3 vehicles in this insurance debacle) so shes got me pinned up against the other car then notices what shes done, moves out a little and drives up the road a few meters just as i end up pretending to have a little sleep with my bike for a blanket, odd place for a nap half on the footpath half on the road..

    Anyhoo we exchanged details and she left, i got the rego of the parked car (Cuz im not some prick who is gonna pretend nobody touched their car and let them suffer with it) went to the cops and gave them my details to pass on to the owner.

    Now tomorrow straight to AAMI (after i re attach an indicator) and get the ball rolling....

    (hopefully its damaged enough to be a write off so i can upgrade!!!!)


    So ive been to see the insurance company 4 times and have been told they will give me $200 for gear because i have full comp. anything else after that they will pursue costs from the audi driver BUT! i have to pay for all the replacement gear then give them the reciepts and all the damaged gear.

    Peter Stevens in ringwood still hasn't typed up my quote but when i went there today they told me its over 7K for damages and and hours, they have over 2 pages of parts that need replacing or repainting.

    WRITE OFF!!!!!

    Now i need to find cash to get new jacket and jeans :( .

    But then bike shopping time..

    Still need to wait till AAMI gives the go ahead though, but im fairly certain its a write off because the 7k is about 3k more then the redbook price for the bike.
  2. so you got pushed into a park car? bad luck. what did the female dog do?
  3. My peers know me as a defensive rider (most of the time :LOL: ) but the more I ride around Melbourne, the more I realise how many interesting folk share our roads. They're out there, crazy as ever...and available at your nearest store !!!!! (Wish they were on display in a shop window rather than on the roads)....

    Ride carefully, ladies and gents.
  4. sounds like you got a nasty wedgie, you being the wedge :shock:
    hope you and the bike are both not too damaged
  5. Mostly cosmetic on the bike, but will be booking it in at peter stevens today for a repair quote.

    when i get it i'll post whats on it.
  6. Its fortunately that you aint broken, thats all that matters.
    Good luck :D
  7. When I first looked at the Vic Pol interactive fatalities map, I assumed mc deaths would be spread out - of course more in the city, but plenty in the country especially in the bike hot spots. Nup - it's amazing just much the city monopolizes the death rate!
  8. Jeez, send me a cliffhanger SMS and I have to read about it in here!

    Anyway, you should know that you have to be extra careful when riding alongside parked cars... actually, I bet you do know, so this was just an over the top excuse for a new bike! I know you too well :p
  9. SHHH!!!! Don't say anymore and i'll have the book for you by wednesday!!!
  10. Re: Ugh, Wrong side up!

    Someone correct me I'f I'm wrong but if the lane has rows of parked cars in it then it is deemed to not be a lane and should not be used to travel in?????
  11. Re: Ugh, Wrong side up!

    I asked the cops that night, they said its not advisable, but couldn't think of any laws on it.
  12. Re: Ugh, Wrong side up!

    Nope. Its a lane. It just has parked cars in it.

    Watch the door zone. You are in the unfortunate position that where you want to be is usually where the pushies are.. just out of the door zone on the white line. But since this could mean you are overtaking on the left... to the right of that white line... the safest road position for you is marginally illegal. A foot left is totally legal and a lot more dangerous.
  13. In SA at least I think theres something about leaving a metre from parked objects. Not sure if something like that applies in your state.
  14. I learnt many many years ago NEVER to ride to the left of the left lane of traffic. Ever.

    Unless you have your own full width lane, or the traffic is completely stopped, and is unlikely to move for some time, and you can see an exit from being stuck to the left of traffic, should it start to move. Personally I only ever break this rule when I am transitting to the front of a line of stopped cars, and there is space for me up there to get back into the lane. For example, in front of the parked cars, where other vehicles can't get due to the stopped vehicles.

    This applies to being in the left lane with parked cars, and the bicycle lane, and the left side of a wide left lane, and any other similar situations. Drivers do not expect anyone to be to the left of them when they are in the left lane. So they wont look. Even if they should be looking for cyclists, they wont.

    Now you have learnt also Zealt.
  15. Lucky man
    Can't find anything in the Vic road rules against it
    (is there a better, more-complete reference available somewhere?)

    And thought I had read (somewhere) it was explicitly allowed to share the lane with parked vehicles.
    Seems reasonable to me, so long as you're at a safe speed & are keeping an eye out for pedestrians/exiting parked cars.
    The driver obviously pulled out giving insufficient warning, in dangerous cirsumstances (the gap was not even big enough to accomodate the car) and without checking approaching traffic in the lane.

    Some good reading in those vicroads rules, particularly in the "Miscellaneous" part. Things like "Driving with a person in a trailer" and
    "Leading an animal while driving" (apparently you can't do that)
  16. Not that I'm saying legal == safe
    do agree with Roderick it's safer to have your own lane
    Guess it's one of those calculated risks we all take
  17. What I found was that it is impossible to predict when a car will suddenly turn left into you, or attempt to pull into a parking space. It is about the only maneuver that I have been unable to predict at all. The normal "body language" of a car doesn't seem to work. Therefore I calculate the risk of doing this as infinite, and not worth it.

    I am quite happy splitting between lanes of moving traffic though, and feel quite safe there. That is why I just move to the right one lane, when in Zealt's situation.
  18. I love section three of page two on the miscellaneous:

    So, if you're in a wheelchair because you so fat you can't move, you gutta keep it on the road! :)
  19. Re: Wheelchair, unladen mass is referring just to the wheelchair itself, not the human/alien/idiot driving it. :) no personal offence intended to anyone in a wheelchair. Just to the people who think its a race car.
  20. update first page