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UFO's and those whacky Americans

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by 2wheelsagain, Jan 10, 2008.

  1. From HERE

    ANCIENT astronauts landed at Uluru and proceeded to create humankind, according to UFO enthusiasts in America.

    The UFO Area website says the astronauts are represented in rock paintings in Central Australia.

    "Once upon a time, in a distant past, a huge red 'egg' had difficulties to safely reach the ground and crashed," the story reads, under a picture of Uluru.

    "Out of the 'egg' emerged white-skinned beings, followed by their children," it says.

    etc, etc, etc.........................
  2. ho-hum, someone's been dredging Van Daniken's garbage bin again....

    has it ever occured to anyone that even with millions of dollars of research and development in the field of house paint, we still have to paint over and over again, but these so called-ancient paintings, made of spit and ochre are 60,000 years old???
  3. :shock:
    First it's the oil companies silencing those who invent a free fuel engine, NOW the paint industry is ripping us OFF ! :evil:
    ( On the subject of UFO's very odd aircrafts etc ), Has anyone actually had any experience witnessing such a thing.
  4. oh the irony of your signature :roll:
  5. Albino chickens perhaps :?:
  6. Probably because we have to pay for the paint Paul :LOL:
    Don't you know that the secret of everlasting paint was found in the 1920's and all the paint companies have it locked away in their vaults.
    Just like the secret car engines that run on water that the oil companies bought up all the patents for...

    If you don't believe me it's all on the Internet so it must be true. :p
  7. Yeah everyone knows the flood would have washed them off before now! :wink:
  8. That one always amuses me. Especially since I heard a first hand account of where at least one of those legends is likely to have started :grin: . (From a prank by two young guys in the 1950s).
  9. It's not ironic at all, it's directed at people like you......
  10. I think some are missing that dreamtime is the religion / theology of the aboriginal race. It's no more fanciful than the literal words of any of the worlds religions which are based a pure faith.

    So putting that to one side...

    I have a broader question: why is the idea of non human sentient life considered with such disparagement??

    We can't count the number of galaxies in the universe... so there are an inestible number of stars around which life might rise, just like it happened in our own solar system... so the probability of other non human sentient life forms is actually very significant. :-k

    Humans have a trait of ignorance and arrogance... once upon a time you'd have been severely reprimanded for saying the earth was round... who's stupid now?!?! :LOL:
  11. But do they believe we exist? :shock:
  12. Absolutely agree Rob. But I do find myself asking the question about many UFO "sightings", if they're smart enough to find us and get here, why do they predominantly reveal themselves to people with psychiatric/substance abuse problems :grin: ?

    Seriously though, you have to look at not only the vastness of the universe but also its immense age. Advanced, sentient life forms could be not just anywhere, but pretty much anywhen too. The probability of their existence is high. The probability of their existence during the comparative eyeblink that the intellectual capacity to grasp such a concept has existed on Earth is very much lower.

    Me, I'm not sceptical of the existence of life on other planets and am quite supportive of such serious projects as SETI. I'm just deeply cynical about many accounts and interpretations of data by many of those who claim evidence of extra terrestrial visitors to Earth.
  13. The question is "Do you believe in yourself?" :grin:
  14. Yeah anything can happen in 6,000 or so years since creation :wink:
  15. tell me again paul, how was it you said they dated fossils?

    "dated the rocks by dating the fossil, whose age they got from the rocks"

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    actually it is less significant that you might think. If you are interested you should read a book called rare earth. the high number stars is negated by the incredibly unlikely conditions required to achieve intelligent life (life in general is a different story) at the same time as us.
  16. Good point, life may take many forms.

    It is a bit arrogant to think that this carbon based life we have is the only form that can be. :)
  17. pffft how stupid can some people be?

    We all know some bloke created a women from his own rib bone, screwed her and made the human race.

    so we are all the product of fcuking spare ribs.
  18. CANNIBAL!!!!

  19. I stand corrected :)

    I was incorrectly recalling a Carl Sagan piece I saw. I think what he correctly said was that the probability of sentient life was very rare, but that given how many stars there were, the absolute number would be considered significant from our point of view. Meeting them though, was very unlikley, especially if they're evenly spread out... but who knows what a mob who developed a billion years before us might be able to do?

    Anyway, for those that are interested, here's a link to no other than Steven Hawkings thoughts on the topic...


    mmmmmmm, spare ribs.... <drool>