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UFC 110 Thoughts and Opinions

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Not4Resale, Feb 21, 2010.

  1. Right,

    After seeing the best live show of my life, I thought I'd see if anyone on here got to see this great event!

    I was disappointed that Haseman and Sinosic didn't square off but the fight between Joe Stevenson and George Sotiropoulos was AMAZING! He was the crowd favourite and definitely should get fight of the day.

    Hopefully the introduction of the UFC in Australia will expose some Aussie talent and next time we will have some more home-grown heroes to step into the octagon on behalf of our country.

    The Wanderlei V Bispeng fight was brilliant and I think Wandie finally gave a showstopping performance... not sure how I felt about the chant against Bispeng because I think that both fighters are legends in their own right and deserve a bit of respect for coming down and putting on a show but it did let the crowd really get into the fight.

    The preliminary bouts were all great match up's with most of the fights going to the second and third rounds. Cro Cop's performance was a bit disappointing against Perosh, however, they are in a completely different class and Perosh did take the fight on two days notice...

    Anyway, they're playing the replay now so if anyone wants to watch it get in there! :demon:
  2. I was out on a cruise but had 3 friends record it for me ( still yet to watch the prelim fights) but i did get home just in time to watch the main event...very disappointed with that fight, was expecting a far better fight. Nogueira was out classed!

    Loved seeing Bonnar out there fighting, he lost by a Doc stoppage despite the bullshit being called a TKO WTF was that all about? blind freddy could see it was an elbow to the head and then the Doc stopped the fight!
    Bonnar put in a good effort, man he can take some serious hits! Soszynski was a machine tho, he packs a serious punch and i really enjoyed the clash between these two and would love to see a re match!
  3. Why does no one care!!!?????

    This was a life-changing experience for me!

    If I didn't have a broken arm I would have been fighting on the 7th of march in an amatuer MMA comp and my trainer is having a bout at the cage fighting champtionships on the 12th!!!

    I am frustrated people! I love this sport and the netrider community is something that I see as like an online family and the only person who had an opinion was sarah (cheers for that though, you are awesome :D)

    I thought at least some of the young blokes like slick, Phizog etal would have at least had an opinion. Not even a whiff from Tarmac or our resident mod and systema expert Doug! I am mortified by this lack of interest! Not even Lilley took a swing at this thread.

    Come on people, I was so excited when I first posted this up and no one batted an eyelid. Fighting is the one thing that rivals my passion of bikes and I love mixing the two up in conversation.

    Okay rant hat off... Phew that was a doozey. :LOL:
  4. coz at Netrider, we're lovers, not fighters? :p

    For the record, I didn't agree with the stoppage of the Bonnar/Sosynski fight. It was clearly a headbutt and not a TKO. Stupid decision.

    I'm not a big fan of boxing etc, but UFC is great to watch.

    One thing I was wondering (slightly off-topic), what's the rules on blood? (Thinking about the Bonnar fight - there was *so* much blood and blood on the ground from previous fights).
  5. I didn't get to see it, which was disappointing.

    A mate of mine scored himself some tickets and went up to see it, he came back with a bunch of photos of him with various UFC icons (Quinton "Rampage" Jackson, Bruce Buffer, Mike Goldberg, Gray Maynard and a couple of others). He said it was awesome. He has also got himself into an MMA seminar with Antonio Rodrigo "Minotauro" Nogueira in a week or two, which should be awesome as well. I am very jealous :cry:

    The event looked to be a raging success, but there seemed to be a fair bit of negative press from the big media outlets. Lots of talk of "barbarism" and that sort of thing, also a lot of indignant letter writers (in the SMH anyway) who were calling for it to be banned (won't somebody think of the children!). Personally I was not really a fan until I started training and competing in martial arts (TKD, please don't laugh), then I was actually able to appreciate the level of skill that these guys display, and now I'm hooked :blackeye:
  6. I love it too, I did Martial arts for more than 10 yrs in the 70s and 80s and I craved something like MMA. So much so that I studied Karate, Kung Fu, Mauy Thai and Ju Jitsu, I even did a little pentjak silat and Arnis but there was nothing like UFC/MMA..

    It came 20 years too late for me, none the less I still love watchin it. These guys are the real deal and if some of these kids arming themselves with knifes and snippering innocent people what to see if they really have balls, they should get into MMA and have a real go..

    Good luck with your future fights..:)
  7. :LOL: yeh the stoppage had to happen but it should've been ruled a no contest due to the headbutt however the issue is that he didn't do it on purpose, it happened during an exchange of hands so was down to an accidental headbutt thus no point deduction and the fight continued afterwards, the cut was just too bad to continue thus he got the win due to a doctor stoppage. If the headbutt had been intentional then he would've lost the fight. Generally if it had been stopped right after the headbutt it would have been a no contest but because the fight continued for a bit and the wound was opened up more by strikes it was stopped by the doc and counted as a doc stoppage.

    It is an airy call to make though... Too much grey area for my liking.

    As for the blood, they only clean it because it poses a hygene and slip hazard. You will notice when the arena gets a bit bloody the blokes get in there with the mops and get it all sucked up. As far as the legality of having blood on fighters from cuts etc. the general rule is if they aren't bleeding too badly and the blood isn't pouring into their eye the fight goes on. A cut beneath the eye wouldn't pose much of a threat although its an unlikely place to bleed from but one above the eye can see the fight stopped soon after.

    I was really excited on the night because I found out that my old trainer has become a UFC judge and he was the head judge on the evening. I was so stoked!
  8. Simply put, the only tv I watch is the sunday night motor sport on one. I'm much more interested in the actual doing rather than watching, its just prohibitively expensive.
  9. Yeh i was going to do the seminar with big Nog but I didn't have the cash to spare and I figure he's not going to give that much profound information that wouldn't already be available and i'm not too concerned because we have a couple of bjj blackbelt trainers who have trained with the gracies and one got personal instrution from Royce so I think as far as a good skillset my gym is well covered. We have a welterweight mma fighter who has brilliant stand up teach us striking, a freestyle wrestling coach who has won a number of titles to cover stand up wrestling and takedowns and we have 2 bjj black belts and a purple belt who cover technical groundfighting. We have a good gym with good trainers and the facilites are getting better, there's a large matted area and there will be a ring and a cage coming in over the next year. So based on that justification I felt that the $120 odd dollars for the seminar might not be worth it for me right now as i'm not as cashed up as i'd like to be.

    I wouldn't rag on TKD, Cung Le is one of the deadliest strikers in the sport and he has a TKD background. All you need to do is complete your skillset with a basic ground game and some takedown defence. If you can keep the fight where you want it then it really doesn't matter what you are studying. Every fighter develops their own style and you really never know whats going to be a match winning style.

    Btw cheers for the replies everyone :D You're all welcome to come roll at our gym and i'd be more than happy to come visit someone else's gym. Its a big community and i'd love to meet more people and develop a network.
  10. If I can convince you to come to at least one class a week i'll cover that class. If you find you want to come to a couple more see how you go. Jonnie is one of the cheaper gyms around but yes you are right learning to fight costs alot of money.

    If that's whats stopping you though, i'll seriously cover you a class a week. One night a week will give you a good idea of what its like and if you want to get better but can't afford tuition I don't mind passing on some knowledge in my spare time. I have mats, gloves, pads etc. at home so we can train there. I know what its like to want to train and not have the money for it. If you're keen, I have no problems helping you get a foot in the door.
  11. FWIW, UFC is a total mystery to me - so much so that I'm wondering if I'm missing a chip.
  12. Joel could have flogged all of those blokes, I reckon.
  13. Aw i so hear ya N4R ](*,)
    No one cares when i start to harp on about it at home either , sure i get a little carried away and can watch an entire season in one sitting lol, but thats just showing my dedication!!!

    My husband is a die hard Eskrima man and is going for his black shirt in a couple of weeks time ..... even he doesnt get into the MMA with me * hes just dirty BC they wont allow Eskrima into the octagon* :-s

    So its just me and my 14 year old daughter who sit on the couch flinching from side to side and screwing our faces up as someone cops a pounding....But we LOVE it...true mother daughter time =D>
    Thats just how we roll :angel:
  14. Love MMA, I have a king fu and judo background and really appreciate the skill and strength these guys show. My eldest son is looking at how he can get some ground skills so he can enter the local MMA comps as an amateur. Like i said I get it as I understand the sport but a lot of people just see the blood and homoerotic wrestling and dismiss it.
  15. Thanks for the offer mate, but in all honesty I probably don't have the time either - I am doing engineering after all. But i'll see, I might take you up on the at home offer...
  16. Lilley, has engineering changed since my day? :wink:
  17. I watched the Wanderlei V Bispeng replay on HD one last night and was impressed, good battle...

    Pretty sure Wanderlei was only awarded the extra point due to knocking Bispeng down in the final moments...Was a close fight could have gone either way, id love to see a re match between these two.
    Wanderlei bunged it on with the eye gouge if u ask me, watching the replay it didnt look like the thumb went anywhere neat his eye ball....
  18. Please tell me they moved on from that ground n pound BS. I not entertained by watching guys sliding on each other. Can anyone recommend good 'stand up' style fights from UFC?
  19. I can't say that this has gone either way. There are fighters who have made careers out of standing and trading, others who have made careers out of taking the guy down and bashing him and those who have such a high level of bjj that their sole aim is to get the fight on the ground and submit their opponent.

    If they are just laying on the ground and no one is moving (getting a better position, defending, attempting a submission etc.) the fight is stood up. The longest you are likely to see without action might be 10-20 seconds depending on whether it looks like someone is moving to a better position or not.

    The fights are very technical and far from not being entertaining. Wrestling is a very important aspect of fighting that was ignored by many for decades. I don't think its necessarily boring, seeing a big slam from a wrestler is pretty satisfying. Having had some good slams done on me and having pulled off a few I can say they are just as interesting to do as watch.
  20. Pffft Escrima.... they need sticks.....wimps

    Just Kidding its a damn hard art. I got taught one or two moves one night and its way more complex than it looks!
    Now Jiu Jitsu, thats an art....... :-s