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Uclear communication system

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by 3lud13, Mar 10, 2015.

  1. Been out looking at communication systems and gps last few days and think I have narrowed it down to a uclear communication system though still researching gps.
    Wondering if anyone is using the uclear system and could give me some real world feedback have read a few reviews and they sound good on paper.
    I know there is probably going to be a few of you recommend the Sena systems however the thing that puts me off them is they all seem to have a boom mic and I am looking for something I can use on both a fullface and openface helmet. Shark vision and bell rogue.
    Am wanting to be able to hook it up to my phone Samsung s5 and also to a gps when I find one of those as well as talk to my pillion when that time comes.

  2. Have you had a look through the other threads on the subject ? Try a search of "communication".
  3. SENA doesn't just have a boom mic. There are different helmet attachments for different types of setup. My SENA came with both a boom mic, and a button mic, with a connector to allow me to choose so I can use on both types of helmets. There are different types of packaging. I know some come with a fixed boom mic only - so you need to check this before purchasing.
  4. I have been searching though most of it seems to be about sena and scala systems without alot on the uclear

    How would the button Mic go sitting with the earphone (curious as in the bell helmet I don't have allot of mounting choices) do you think as this could give me another option as the smh10 from sena seems to have thumbs up from everyone
  5. Not sure what you mean. The button mike is a small flat mic roughly the size of a 5c coin that I have stuck on the front chin guard of my helmet. Ear speakers go at the sides. I haven't had an issue with feedback if that's what you mean?
  6. I have the uclear hcf100 plus and it works well. No issues with crazy battery life. I haven't tried it as a communicator between other sets yet but I understand that its quite specific between model compatibilty. I suggest grabbing a dual pack if you pillion or ride with somebody quite regularly. Music and volume is excellent. Loud enough to wreck your hearing!
  7. ALL Sena models now come with the optionof "Universal Microphone" which means you get the button and boom mic(s) in the kit.

    Looking at GPS go for the Tom Tom Rider or Garmin Zumo, they come with bike mounts and power etc. All the "CAR" type GPS dont have an output you can connect to so you wont hear them
  8. I have a Uclear HBC200 and so does my partner we love em however they my partner can struggle to hear me when we do a fwy or hwy over the windnoise that goes through the headset, but thats probably more the type of helmet I use a Shark RAW and a Shark evoline.
    I dont have any issues hearing her on a fwy and hwy and barely hear any noise and she uses a Shark vision r for her helmet, all in all I like them and dont have a huge boom mic hanging around my mouth.