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Ubuntu 9.10 - Karmic Koala

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Sooty, Oct 31, 2009.

  1. Thought I'd toss this out to all the Windows and Mac zealots that lurk here. :)

    Undertook the install of the latest Ubuntu distribution today, upgrading from 9.04 to 9.10. Background: I've been using Ubuntu since 6.06, before that I used SuSE. I manage RedHat (RHEL) and *BSD servers as part of my 'professional' activities.

    I have never had a Ubuntu that upgraded successfully. I backup my data, click the 'upgrade' button in the Update Manager widget and wait for the epic fail. Sadly I wasn't disappointed this time with the upgrade dying when trying upgrade the MySQL server from 5.0 to 5.1 - leaving me with a half installed system that I knew wouldn't survive a reboot.

    So a fresh install it is. I had downloaded both the 'Alternative' and 'Desktop' images. Because my experiences with the graphical installer offered by the Desktop installer typically gives me woes. Again, I wasn't disappointed. Firstly it couldn't figure out my rather typical nVidia GPU so it presented me with a black screen instead of the xsplash. So I selected the safemode graphics option from the GRUB boot and that gave me a desktop at least. Ran through the installer only to be left at a dead end at the partitioner - it didn't list the 320GB SATA drive plugged into a Intel ICH10 controller. Even though I could do all sorts of things to the disk using fdisk/gparted...

    Tossed the Desktop CD out and shoved in the Alternative CD. Ahh beautiful ncurses text displays taking me back to the mid-90's. This time I could see the disk and do all sorts of partitioning. All was well until it rebooted after the install and presented me, yet again, with a black desktop instead of the graphical login prompt...

    It also left me without keyboard or mouse. So I had to activate 'raw input' mode by pressing ctrl+prtscn+R and then drop to a console with ctrl+alt+F1 which I then conducted a update and full-upgrade with aptitude and then installed the latest nVidia linux drivers (185... Windows gets 191...) and did the 'nvidia-xconfig' and rebooted. Yay, I'm cooking with gas with a full 1920x1080 display and keyboard/mouse! I go into the nVidia control panel and enable the 2nd 1920x1080 display and click 'TwinView' and bang, dualscreen HD... wait for it... full desktop 3D!! this wasn't as easy in 9.04.

    So the installer/upgraders still suck the big one. Having said that, now that I'm using it, I'm quiet pleased with the changes and will be a happy camper until the next release which I guess is 10.04?

    So moral of the story, unless you're a sucker for punishment or a tightarse, stick with win/mac.
  2. I've been waiting for an opportunity to share this :)

    My son found a band called 'Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie', and one of their songs is "Every OS sucks".

    Here are the words, pay attention to the Linux section near the end :LOL:

    [spoken introduction]
    You see, I come from a time in the nineteen-hundred-and-seventies when computers were used for two things - to either go to the moon, or play Pong... nothing in between. Y'see, you didn't need a fancy operating system to play Pong, and the men who went to the moon--God Bless 'em--did it with no mouse, and a plain text-only black-and-white screen, and 32 kilobytes of RAM.

    But then 'round 'bout the late 70's, home computers started to do a little more than play Pong... very little more. Like computers started to play non-Pong-like games, and balance checkbooks, and why... you could play Zaxxon on your Apple II, or... write a book! All with a computer that had 32 kilobytes of RAM! It was good enough to go to the moon, it was good enough for you.

    It was a golden time. A time before Windows, a time before mouses, a time before the internet and bloatware, and a time... before every OS sucked.



    Well, way back in the olden times,
    my computer worked for me.
    I'd laugh and play, all night and day,
    on Zork I, II and III.

    The Amiga, VIC-20 and the Sinclair II,
    The TRS 80 and the Apple II,
    they did what they were supposed to do,
    wasn't much... but it was enough.

    But then Xerox made a prototype,
    Steve Jobs came on the scene,
    read "Of Mice and Menus," Windows, Icons
    a trash, and a bitmap screen.

    Well Stevie said to Xerox,
    "Boys, turn your heads and cough."
    And when no-one was looking,
    he ripped their interfaces off.

    Stole every feature that he had seen,
    put it in a cute box with a tiny little screen,
    Mac OS 1 ran that machine,
    only cost five thousand bucks.

    But it was slow, it was buggy,
    so they wrote it again,
    And now they're up to OS 10,
    they'll charge you for the Beta, then charge you again,
    but the Mac OS still sucks.

    Every OS wastes your time,
    from the desktop to the lap,
    Everything since Apple Dos,
    Just a bunch of crap.

    From Microsoft, to Macintosh,
    to Lin-- line-- lin-- lie... nux,
    Every computer crashes,
    'cause every OS sucks.

    Well then Microsoft jumped in the game,
    copied Apple's interface, with an OS named,
    "Windows 3.1" - it was twice as lame,
    but the stock price rose and rose.

    Then Windows 95, then 98,
    man solitaire never ran so great,
    and every single version came out late,
    but I guess that's the way it goes.

    But that bloatware'll crash and delete your work,
    NT, ME, man, none of 'em work.
    Bill Gates may be richer than Captain Kirk,
    but the Windows OS blows!
    And sucks!
    At the same time!

    I'd trade it in, yeah right... for what?
    It's top of the line from the Compuhut.
    The fridge, stove and toaster, never crash on me,
    I should be able to get online, without a PHD.

    My phone doesn't take a week to boot it,
    my TV doesn't crash when I mute it,
    I miss ASCII text, and my floppy drive,
    I wish VIC-20 was still alive...

    But it ain't the hardware, man.

    It's just that every OS sucks... and blows.

    Now there's lih-nux or lie-nux,
    I don't know how you say it,
    or how you install it, or use it, or play it,
    or where you download it, or what programs run,
    but lih-nux, or lie-nux, don't look like much fun.

    However you say it, it's getting great press,
    though how it survives is anyone's guess,
    If you ask me, it's a great big mess,
    for elitist, nerdy shmucks.

    "It's free!" they say, if you can get it to run,
    the Geeks say, "Hey, that's half the fun!"
    Yeah, but I got a girlfriend, and things to get done,
    the Linux OS SUCKS.
    (I'm sorry to say it, but it does.)

    Every OS wastes your time,
    from the desktop to the lap,
    Everything since the abacus,
    Just a bunch of crap.

    From Microsoft, to Macintosh,
    to lin-- line-- lin-- lie... nux.
    Every computer crashes,
    'cause every OS sucks.

    Every computer crashes... 'cause every OS sucks
  3. That's a beautiful song
  4. Yes the upgrade sucks dogs balls. I've spent days now trying to get video working after previously having no issues in 9.04. I am resistant to resorting to wiping and putting on a clean install but its looking like I'm going to have to which is just stupid.

    Given the random things that were deleted as part of the "upgrade", the intermittent audio issues and the Nvidia driver issues that have resulted in me either having to decide whether I want a) no graphics at all or b) blocky black artifacts on the screen and be able to watch movie files, or c) have a nice display but only be able to play the sound and no video from movie files, I guess its reached the point of me not wanting to bother with it any more. Guess a fresh install from scratch might be worth a shot.

    Oh latest linux nVidia drivers are 190, not 185 btw but you have to download them from nVidia directly.
  5. Windows 7 is out :LOL:
  6. Yeah but then you'll be asking for a fight with that licensed hardware driver widget :p
  7. running 9.04 at work, seems to be ok. Spent a lot of time screwing around getting the video drivers stable though; not keen on going through all of that for 9.10.
  8. That reminds me Fedora 12 is out in a fortnight...
  9. And still Linux converts will maintain that Linux is a viable alternative to the mainstream OS's.
  10. That's because it is...
  11. Whether it is or isn't is debatable since everyone's miles will vary.
    I've had nothing but success on my last 3 laptops.
    Getting Windows running on this current one was an ass ache as I didn't have the dell slipstream image, had to shoehorn it on and patch-reboot, patch-reboot for most of a morning.

    Beyond the zealots proclaiming this as the year of the linux desktop, no one really gives 2 shits, especially that use it daily (like me).
  12. I got sick of my wife finding viruses and spyware, so I moved her to Ubuntu. Best thing I ever did. She didn't really notice.

    I'd use Linux full time if I didn't need Windows for work.
  13. A Windows machine with the latest updates and virus defs up-to-date doesn't get viruses.
  14. They most certainly do... In an idea world they shouldn't but they do...
  15. I DID have my tongue slightly in my cheek, of course :). Good citizens don't get mugged, either, except when they walk down dark alleys in Kings Cross at 3:15am with wads of money sticking out of their pockets :wink:.

    But I do accept the point that people aren't writing evil software to trip up the Linux end of the paddock ....

    ... yet
  16. Oh well I gave up, backed up my home dir and blew the whole thing away. Clean install of ubuntu 9.10 and everything works perfectly. If only the upgrade process worked properly - there has been a litany of complaints from people about it failing, which is unfortunately par for the course with the platform. Shame because it runs beautifully once it is installed and working.
  17. But it is par for the course for operating systems in general... OS upgrades are fraught with niggles and stress.
  18. I've tried several different linux distros in years gone by, and I can see the appeal, but on a day-to-day basis I use mainstream stuff, and even my son, who's a renowned MS-hater says Open Office just isn't a patch on MS Office.....
  19. Not having done a Ubuntu upgrade before, but basing my opinion on BS post, it looks like it isn't yet mainstream. By mainstream, something that someone who just uses a computer (as opposed to constantly tinker) would work happily with.

    But as others say, ymmv.
  20. Someone who just uses a computer and doesn't tinker is the ideal Linux user. It's people who mess with their computers that have trouble with Linux. Both my mother and mother-in-law it does everything they want to do. It's safe reliable and does exactly what it says on the tin