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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by stewy, Feb 2, 2009.

  1. The notion of a small chip that is my passport, medical history, method of payment from linked accounts, front door key, etc - implanted in me so I don't need to carry, organise or muck around with all those things; is definitely attractive.

    But I wouldn't trust the government not to use the information, or attach certain strings to the technology which would intrude upon my freedom or privacy.
  2. it isn't the government you need to worry about. that's the irony of this whole sorry saga.

    RFID chips are not secure, so if you are implanted with them, it isn't government agencies that will be getting the information, it will be some random with a reader finding out all your medical secrets, then blackmailing you with them.

    or using your passport details to enter countries (without your knowledge since they'll simply clone your card, now they don't even need to steal it)
  3. the chip wont store that information, just a serial number that is linked to a file.

    personally i would me more worried about companies getting my info. like insurance providers
  4. Funny you should mention this topic. Watch this disturbing program.


    Its BBC and very well done. The scary part is about this micro-chip technology, both human and passport.
    They demonstrate how easy it is to clone and surpass all the technology features with some rudimentary equipment.

    End upshot is that this technology has nothing to do with defeating criminals or others that would do harm, but purely tracking the masses.
  5. That is how i see it too :(
  6. yeh, welcome to conspiracy theories 101. if you believe the conspiracy nuts, then the american government ultimately wants to chip every citizen. and it will be enforced because without one you wont be able to use services such as banks etc.

    unfortunately, i think the conspiracy nuts are close to the truth
  7. We're fcuked :grin:
  8. Why bother with a microchip - why not just tattoo a number on everyone's arm.
  9. or a bar code on your head.
    i have a few titanium plates in my noggin and im pretty sure that the gods of riders past are able to alter the electrochemical balance in my brain to make my right hand twist further.
    i get great reception of short wave though
  10. People would never go for that, jd.
    It's too extreme; we need to ease them into the idea... like maybe they can wear a little yellow star, first.
  11. Well they're already on to a good start with suggesting that it could be used to regulate (restrict) trade and travel.
  12. I'm sure there's more than a few christian politicians that would be appalled by an idea like this.....and probably equally as many who see the potential in it...
  13. Revelations anyone?
    Mark of the beast?