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News Uber Launches Motorcycle Taxi Service in Bangkok

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' at netrider.net.au started by NetriderBot, Feb 25, 2016.

  1. Do you Uber? The ride sharing service has grown exponentially over the past few years and had disrupted the taxi industry like nothing before. While most westerners would prefer the comfort of a car when being chauffeured from one destination to another, cities like Bangkok are perfect for motorcycle taxis where they can split lanes and filter through the heavily congested streets. And Uber thinks so too.

    Motorcycle taxis are a dime a dozen in Bangkok. If you’ve ever visited the traffic clogged city, you’ll note the motorcycle taxis waiting for fares on most footpaths. We’d recommend a go on one for anybody who enjoys a thril. Being pillion while wearing one of their ice-cream bucket helmets is certainly an experience. But like many things in Thailand, expect to pay the foreigner price should you need to take the trip. UberMoto will definitely mix things up and it will be nice not to have to negotiate on a rate every time you want to travel somewhere.

    Here’s part of the release from Uber in Thailand:

    Over 1,500 new cars hit the streets of Bangkok every day. That is more than double the number than just a few years ago. Unsurprisingly traffic speeds have now dropped to under 16km/h (just 11km/h during rush hour) and the average daily commute now takes 120 minutes. This kind of congestion is bad for productivity in Bangkok and the resulting pollution undermines everyone’s quality of life.

    It’s why we’re so excited to launch our new UberMOTO service as a pilot in Bangkok starting today. UberMOTO enables people looking to save time and money on short trips to book a ride on a motorcycle at the push of a button and enjoy the most affordable option available in Bangkok.

    Pricing will start from ฿10 + ฿3.50/km + ฿0.85/min. The minimum fare as well as cancellation fee are both ฿10. ฿10 is equivalent to about 28 cents, so if you’re in the hands of a skilled pilot you’ll save a huge amount of money and time hopping on board – especially if the rider is willing to ignore all street laws (including going the wrong way and riding on the footpath).

    As part of the launch of this new service, Uber is teaming up with Thai Traffic Police and Head Awareness Club (HAC) in various community outreach and education initiatives. They will be donating helmets to young students and adults in the community. The program is stated to be a pilot one at the moment but if successful would undoubtedly spread to other parts of Thailand and South East Asia. Just make sure your life insurance policy is up to date.


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  2. Hope it comes to Vietnam too. The motorbike taxis in HCMC (Xe Om, literally "hug taxi") are faster than the car taxis there but you always have to fight over the fare when they try to rip you off. I usually end up taking a car taxi (one of the reputable brands) just to avoid the whole argument.
  3. Called the taxi mafia ;-) They congregate on the corners and footpath but these days rarely drive with passengers on there. And in the popular places (for locals and tourists) they'll have a very large sign with fares and destinations. Only problem is it's in Thai so of course tourists get ripped :) Uber should start with tuktuks. They're the worst :sour: