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uber dirrrty chain

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by nibor, Oct 10, 2008.

  1. ok so i've been a bit slack with cleaning/lubing my chain.
    it was feral a couple of weeks ago, so i drenched it in Motul chain clean, blasted off some of the gunk, used a cloth to get more off, let her dry n gave her a lube.

    but she's still dirty :LOL:

    after sunday im off the bike, so i can put ALOT of time into cleaning/maintenance/mods etc. what i want to know is how can i get all this well stuck on shit off there, without making a huge mess. drowning it in chain clean repeatedly is just making the shit run off the chain n sprockets, onto the chain guard, swingarm, and at the front sprocket down onto the sidestand etc. i need to clean out under the front sprocket cover there too, its probably festy under there.

    am i safe to use a wire brush on the chain? or will this damage it in any way? and other products people reccomend? suggestions, etc?
  2. Kerosene and an old toothbrush or rag will do the job. :)
  3. a wire brush will damage the seals, but if you don't care about seals, regular petrol will disolve most gunk.
  4. G'day everyone,...

    Kerosene and a rag would be best.

    In fact this reminds me I gotta do mine in the morning.

    Dr Who?
  5. get a couple toothbrushes and tape them together at the end of the handle with something between to keep the heads almost touching each other (small piece of wood or something) .. jar of kero to dip them in and then rub up and down a section of the chain at a time, with a single one to do the sides.. wipe it all clean and then when its clean do it again.. wipe it off and presto nice and spiffy..oil and then ride.
  6. hmmm wow....

    im taking some pics while im doing it, its freakin dirty.
    its just the sides (left and right) of the chain, the rollers are pretty fine.

    there is so much fkn gunk surrounding the front sprocket though :LOL: :shock:

    will post pics up soon, please dont abuse me for chain neglect :LOL:
  7. you may get a smack though..
  8. hmmm...

    i might like it, depends who's spanking me :grin:

    miss Boo, where are you :LOL:
  9. please dont hurt me....


  10. holy crap.. you did have a crapload of gunk!
  11. and that was after id scraped a fair bit out with a stick. yes, a stick.

    you can see the scrape marks on the bottom left. it was basically buil up to just below the chain.

    go take your front sprocket cover off, i bet you'll find something similar :LOL:
  12. thats craptastic batman
  13. I had the same thing when I bought mine. Kero, toothbrushes, a stick to scrape out your front sprocket and the cover then use the single toothbrush on it ;) I had the cleanest NSR around, just sold it for 3200 :(
  14. Toothbrushes way too slow. Use cheap paint brushes, the stiffer the bristles the better. They allow you to get a lot more kerosene onto teh chain at once.
    If you have an oilcan or bottle with a nozzle you can fill with kerosene, even better. Scrub, sluice gunk off with kero, repeat etc.

    Regards, Andrew.
  15. yep a $2 spray bottle from kmart full of kero.. handy for cleaing all sorts and gives the chain a good soak pre clean
  16. G'day everyone,...

    I just cleaned and adjusted my chain,...
    Now clean,..
    Trouble is I have run out of Chain lube and my chain is now clean but dry and unlubed!

    Would it be ok to use chainsaw chain lube to lube the chain to get me from the country to a bike shop 30klm away,...?


    Dr Who?
  17. Don't all bikes look like that? :grin: Then again, I grew up riding year round in the UK, where a thick coating of greasy gunk is about the only way of preventing your bike from dissolving if you can't spare 14 hours a week for cleaning.

    Yup. Chinese cheapies from the 2 Buck Shop. Cut the bristles down to about half length and they stiffen up just nicely. Better yet, a full length one to apply the kero and a cut down one to do the scrubbing. Not that I play with chains much these days, but it's what I use for general degreasing duties.

    I've found that the cheapy spray bottles from Bunnies don't last long with kero in them, but old Windex sprays and such like have better seals and will give you at least a few uses before the pump siezes or leaks excessively.
  18. nibor said
    A stick? That's brilliant. Stuff buggerising around with customised toothbrushes. You should patent that idea and market them. Even if you sold them pretty cheap, say a couple of bucks (plus postage) I reckon the mark up would mean you would make squillions.
  19. but wait, ive got more inventions. who needs rags, which get messy and threads come off and get tangle in the chain or stuff.

    much more dextile is...


    a sock :LOL:
    or in fact, 3 socks. this allows them to soak up ample dirty kero off the chain and take the scummy dissolved crap with it. the kero evaporates quickly enough, and my hand doesnt get dirty, just a little kero'y, not much soaks through.
  20. .... and after you can just chuck them in the wash with the other socks.

    Or, why not save water and wear them once first.