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U2 - Adelaide 16 November 2006

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by edgelett, Nov 18, 2006.

  1. All I can say is WOW!!

    Overall, to me it blew Popmart out of the water & was as good if not
    better than ZOO-TV.

    I was in the elipse, on the Edge side rail. i could touch the rail
    I was that close. My BF had skipped work to line up all day with me
    from 6am. He's never seen u2 live before. And he said to me
    afterwards that it was worth every second of lining up all day,
    getting sunburnt, etc. it was the best concert he's ever been to in
    his life.

    The crowd where we were was going MENTAL, sang every single word,
    the band sounded awesome & they looked like they were having a
    ball. There was a lot of humour during this show (bono taking a nap
    during Elevation, calling Edge "an alien who has come to
    earth to take the shape of a carbon based life form..the chosen
    one..known as The Edge", the snippet of I Should Be So Lucky..was
    wicked. the band were laughing & even "mr No facial expressions
    Mullen Junior" was smiling a lot.

    Edge only jumps when he's really in to it & he jumped like a crazy
    bastard all night.

    And that sound....tony laughed at me when Edge started to play
    Streets & I nearly melted from the sound of his blackie strat...wow.

    so how close was I?
    Around this close:[​IMG]

    look at all my pics here:
  2. edgelett - thanks for the review. I'm seeing them tomorrow night. Where the streets have no name is one of my fav's...looking forward to hearing it live. :) Did they happen to play All I want is you? And how much of their new stuff *gags* did they play? I think I've listened to their latest CD once.

    How do they work out the ellipse thing? What's the deal with it? Is it a first in best dressed, or are the tix given out randomly? You lucky bugger getting in there though.

    As for getting there at 6am...how many were lining up at that time? We had hoped to get there about 9am but plans have changed and looks like we'll be arriving at about midday. Oh well....it's still gonna be an awesome experience no matter where we stand. :)
  3. just came back from the concert and i got to say it was freakin awesome. the band was great and the crowd was nuts. And i got to see it for free!!
  4. no "all I want" but the show is a good mix of all their material from Boy to Atomic Bomb. only played three songs off that album. I like atomic bomb more than the last album, but it's a matter of taste I guess.

    Yes - only the first 4000 people to arrive at the gate are allowed in the elipse. first in best dressed. whether you have fan club tickets or not is irrelevant.

    In adelaide, there were already 100 people there at 6am. There were a thousand by 9am, not sure how many by 12pm. Can't say whether you'll get in or not cause there might be more people at the melbourne show.

    You'll love it rosie - have a good one!
  5. Thanks for your replies. Meh...not going to stress about where we're situated. Just going to go with the flow and enjoy the music. :)

    Someone was telling me it's going to be 30 something degrees in Melbourne tomorrow. Holy crap.
  6. Thanks for your replies. Meh...not going to stress about where we're situated. Just going to go with the flow and enjoy the music. :)

    Someone was telling me it's going to be 30 something degrees in Melbourne tomorrow. Holy crap.
  7. Jesus, they were playing in Melb tonight and I could hear them QUITE CLEARLY from out the front of the house.

    ...That's about 5km from the venue, if they were playing the Telstra Dome.

    ...F*CKING LOUD!

    /Wockin' Woll!
  8. and they are playing at the telstra dome again tonight and i get to see them again. bloody true about the sound, couldnt even hear the person next to you
  9. Just got back from the concert.....holy crap....best damn thing ever!

    We got there at 12 and ended up getting in the ellipse area. Bono went for a walk through the ellipse area before the show - not many standing around realised it was him but I did and said hi and he stopped and said hi...and he said he was 'getting to know the crowd'. :) And that was kinda that. :)

    Anyway, it was of course a brilliant concert. Angel of Harlem....Miss Sarajevo...Where the streets have no name...Discotheque (this song's still stuck in my head)...etc etc etc....just brilliant.

    I totally suck at doing reviews at 3am.

    Oh, there was a guy there in a white headband with the word coexist written on it (which he gave to Bono during concert) :) and I fell in love with him. *sigh*

    GOOSH...what were you doing there????
  10. the reason why i was at both shows was because i work at the telstra dome so any events i'm there and get to watch the shows which is the best part of the job.
  11. u2 was great now can't wait till robbie williams next month.