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u turning on a hill :(, dropped my baby

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Filo01, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. I was practicing doing my uturns & i tried my luck on a steep hill, while i was coming around to finish the uturn i tried to lean the bike alittle & bam i dropped my little baby ':mad:' Nothing to bad broke my break leaver(15$ replacement), At least i learnt my lesson, i'm never gonna lean on a steep hill while u turning & i'm better off putting my foot down in those situations.

    Funny thing though is i ended up getting a girls number, after i dropped the bike a few locals stepped out of the house after hearing me swearing :D
  2. Nice Work!
  3. is she worth $15 tho? :p
  4. lol kinda harsh, honestly i would have rather not dropped my bike.
  5. Ive now twice nearly lost it doing u-turns on hills. Now Ill always keep travelling till it flattens out a bit.

    Bummer tho.
  6. I can do u-turns fine but I never pushed my luck to do u turns on a hill.
  7. I learnt that the hard way, too....cost me a damn site more in parts replacement too :LOL:

    Made the trip home from Lorne interesting, though....in the rain with no front brakes as I had broken that lever :shock:
  8. nice. drops his bike and gets the girl. :LOL:
  9. I wish there were girls around when I've dropped my bike. :(
  10. Nice ploy :LOL:
    Glad there wasn't too much damage.
  11. I tried it, and it worked for me!... :wink: :cool:
  12. the things us guys will do to get a phone number........ :LOL: :LOL:
  13. Life really isn't fair ya know.. I dropped mine, broke the brake lever which cost me $30 to replace.. and I didn't get anyone's number. (Possibly because the only other people around were a whole bunch of international students practicing reverse parking next to the Vice Chancellor's car. *smirk*)

    Sorry to hear about the drop. $15 isn't a too bad, at least you didn't damage your fairings or yourself.
  14. Now, if you drop the girl, do you get a new bike.
  15. yah there was alittle fairing dmg, nothing series, i'm gona be putting a tyga kit on her in a couple of months so nothing to worry about, when i'm sure i won't drop her again.

    I did find a few more problems today :(, chain seems to be creaking when i slow down or walk the bike, i'm gona go into the mechs tomorrow & get it checked over(freaking more money zzz)

    sorry to hear about you accident, you should have tryed your luck with a few of the international students, everyone need some Australian love lol
  16. How freaky is this? Last night I was doing a U-turn on a hill 'cos I couldn't park in my friend's really steep driveway and was looking for a place to park. Dropped her again. Broke her brake lever again. I thought I'd just lay under the bike a little while to think how stupid I was and how you'd only just posted in this thread and I should have known better but a car full of middle-aged women came to my rescue so I had to get up and pick her up. I think I need to replace my helmet too.

    My friend broke his chain last night. He got it back from the mechanic earlier in the day and was told there was a tight spot and it would need replacing. He booked it in for Friday. Last night he down changed, something started scraping, then as he started to accelerate something caught his rear tyre. He managed to pull over and we called a friend and RACT to rescue him. So just be careful.. it's better to shell out the $$ for a new chain and sprokets than spend weeks in hospital 'cos you've lost control which is undoubtedly what would have happened to him if he'd been going faster or if there'd been more traffic.

    You're right about the Aussie love. Shame I don't think faster.. I guess that'd be why you got the number and all I got was a bill for 2 brake levers + helmet and a "Are you ok, dear? Did you hurt yourself?" from someone old enough to be my mother. :roll:
  17. :rofl: oh gotta love that :LOL:
  18. :LOL: Ah this post takes me back....

    I did the very same thing - the very first time I ever dropped a bike.

    The only problem was I was in the middle of nowhere when I did it, and the bike (Hayabusa) was too big to lift up by myself as it was lying on the hill.

    Fortunately someone did come along after about 30 minutes otherwise I might still be out there :LOL: (I had no phone, and probably wouldn't have got any reception anyway).
  19. Ah this takes me back...to saturday :LOL:

    Doing the same thing, pulled into a uphill driveway on the left to let a car past, then tried to keep going around to go back the way I came, speed disappeared, timbeeeeeerBUT - lucky it was only a little 250, any more than the ~155kgs in it would surely not have been able to save it. Still, my left side muscles are absolutely maggot from that effort.