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Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Kawasakiboy, Feb 23, 2016.

  1. Women in a Mini shit heap clearly can see me, I am in the middle lane on a three lane road there is a car on my left and no car on my right.
    I'm doing 80 she does the u turn to go into the left lane but doesn't see the car in the left lane and quickly reacts by swerving into my lane right in front of me.
    She didn't even acknowledge me to say sorry, I wanted to rip her face off.
    Glad I've been practicing quick stops here and there.

  2. There's your first mistake...assuming the woman can see you! They don't see you mate...nobody does! :confused:

    But yes, you need the reflexes of a cat to survive out there! It's a gauntlet of morons. Glad to see you didn't end up as her hood ornament!
  3. gotta let the rage go on a bike - its not worth it, might be another dickhead coming up about to do something stupid also
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  4. Yep you sure do need the reflex's of a cat!. I never assume though, I always pre-judge all the idiotic things they could do.
    Was just angry that she could quite easily see me and decided to go ahead with her turn.
  5. LOL I had to laugh the other day going past Royal North Shore hospital northbound on the Pacific Hwy when old mate in his Audi SQ5 decided he wanted to do a U turn over the island in front of me........what can you do, idiots everywhere!
  6. Off roading mate - that's why he bought a 4x4
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  7. Well, if she didn't see the car in the left lane, you had no chance of being seen, mate. Sounds like she was completely unaware of anything going on around her.

    Glad you pulled up OK.
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