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U-Turn Help

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Owen, Aug 13, 2006.

  1. Hey everyone, been AGES since of posted on here, got my advanced test tomorrow (SA), can pretty much do everything except the U-turn, i mean i CAN do it, but only probably once every five attempts...

    Ive tried dropping the knee, leaning forward over the tank etc etc, what am i doing wrong?

    Im riding my 250 yamaha zeal, so i dont think it cant be the bike..

    Anyone know what the go is if i fail?

  2. Just take it slow and use the rear brake and clutch if you need to, turn your head so much that your trying to look over your shoulder as you go into the turn, that's where you need to go so if you look there and take it easy the bike will most likely do the rest.

    Try and find somewhere like a carpark that you can do a wider u turn if you need to and then just try and get the turn tighter as you get used to it.
  3. Chances are...you aren't turning your head in the direction you're turning.

    Get moving. Turn your head to right. Don't look down. Don't fix your eyes on anything (even speedo). Don't go too fast. Get the entering speed right. Keep the throttle steady. Now, start half-assed countersteer to right. Now, no front/rear braking. If turning too slow, add tiny bit of extra throttle as you come out of U-ey.

    BTW, leaning forward over the tank won't help much (even on a push bike). Instead of dropping the knee, lean by countersteering.

    Practice head turning! It's a must except at very low speeds.

    Good luck with the test.
  4. Try what has been mentioned in the last 2 posts and you will get that skill in doing u-turn.
  5. Yep, what they said. For me, looking back over my shoulder was the key to a better turn. Look where you're planning to go. Same actually applies in the cone weave - look forward.

    And if you really think you're going to stuff it up, in NSW, putting your foot down once during the turn costs fewer points than going outside the lines. Not sure if it's the same in SA. Good luck.
  6. Good luck Owen tomorrow, do you have to do the U-Turn in both directions for your test? just thought I would ask incase your doing loads of pratice in just the one direction.. I have to go and start again as i have new panniers on the bike to get used to, not to mention trying to do the turns with my new partner playing pillion with my new full licence.. woo hoo... hehe.. again good luck.. look forward to maybe reading a final post on this from you.. :grin: :grin:
  7. Thanks for all the tips guys, i think ive been entering the turn to slow (like not even fast enough for countersteering to really work.

    Test is in 2 hours, so im off to go practice!!

    Thanks again, willl keep you posted

  8. Mate the best way to do a slow u-turn is this:

    1) Look over your shoulder and turn in

    2) As you tip the bike in, lean your body the OPPOSITE way. It feels weird, but at low speeds, you don't have enough centrifugal force to make leaning IN to the turn effective. You actually have to balance the bike the OTHER way to keep it upright.

    You're kind of pushing the bike down into the turn as you stay on the outside of it, kind of like what you do on a dirt bike.
  9. this may help

    though, it gets a bit technical with the sitting on the back brake, grabbing the clutch friction point and keeping the throttle cracked, but i suppose the hardest way the learn is a good way to learn and have that skill

    also, +1 on loz's post, thats how we were taught at training, to almost sit OFF the seat in the opposite direction and lean back looking where we want to go

    it reminds me of what truck drivers look when turning around a corner a bit too fast, they lean back with both hands on the big steerring wheel
    i dunno, ignore that if it makes no sence lol
  10. ride the clucth on friction point drag the rear brake and keep the revs steady. i reckon thats how they told us to do it in the L's course.

    and worse case use one of their CBF 250's as those bikes can do it easy!
  11. try and make the doubel u turns into a square figure of eight. not a tear drop
    try and get a short straight before each u turn.

    make them as tight as possible so u got a straight bit to steady yourself with after the first one
  12. Guessing he either didnt get it and dont wanna let us know or he did and hasnt come back yet