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U Turn as lights turn green

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by BugEye, May 23, 2008.

  1. Many times now I've been sitting at front while lights are red
    They turn green so I take off... and some #$^#head decides that he/she can pull a U turn before the traffic gets across the intersection!

    So stupid! they don't realise how much faster bikes take off from lights
    I've come too close to hitting them!

    Do they deserve to loose a mirror for that? :twisted:
  2. They deserve to be booked for failing to give way to traffic.

    On second thought, they need to be nailed to a wall, shot, then hung drawn and quartered with salt rubbed into the wounds.

    That'll learn em for next time! :twisted:
  3. This is why you should be careful. cagers think they are immune to everything...

    I have taken off from an intersection when my lights went green, then a on coming car turning across my path (he was turning right from the on coming right hand turn lane) goes through the red and passes behind me and in front of the cars taking off.

    So i took off fast enough to have him pass between the traffic leaving the lights.

    from then on i always look for wankers running the arrow, which they seem to do at every light in Melbourne, sometimes 3 or 4 after the red.
  4. Wear a World war 1 German war helmet with the spear on top.
    Ram the drivers side door and spear them with your helmet.
    Problem solved.
  5. At the risk of contributing the first serious reply of this thread... :p shouldn't it be telling you something if you're taking off THAT quickly that you can't see them coming..?

    Don't mind me though, technically I don't think i can call myself a rider just yet, so I'm sure I'll learn soon enough... :grin:
  6. call his missus a tramp and kick his dog.
  7. Call a blokes missus a tramp ok,but kick his dog thats a bit ruff don't ya think fellas :LOL:
  8. well, if kicking the dog is out, kick the cat.
  9. yeah kick the cat smelly good for nothing :WStupid: :rofl: :rofl:
  10. Yes, yes you will...
  11. I've seen a chap make someone thing twice about it. Rider was daft, but wheelied across the intersection. The fact that he was on a big tourer, with luggage (makes the bike even bigger), showing the sump to the driver seemed to make a bigger impression of 'I could get hurt when the wheel comes through my window' than a normal bike!

    That said, you made your first mistake when you made an assumption about what a cager would do.
  12. This happened to me so many times. I always look then take off. Even that I still take off faster than a car....