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U should always wear protective gear!aways!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by drewzor, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. thongs are not protective gear

  2. Well, I managed to come off my scooter this morning going at about 20km/h round a roundabout - too fast for the corner with my lack of cornering technique! Slid out the back wheel.
    I was wearing a Dririder jacket, gloves and office trousers - my knee looks way worse than that. No other damage to me because of the gloves and jacket.
    It's surprising how far you can slide even at such slow speed, and only gear is going to let you avoid the pain (and loss of skin). :oops:
  3. Sorry to hear about your 'off' Backmarker. Glad to hear you're OK. I've ridden in peak hour traffic twice now, and get passed by lots scooters and motorbikes filtering....I'm amazed at how little protective clothing the scooter riders wear. The ratio is probably 8:2 (no protection:protection) for scooters, and 2:8 for motorcyclists.

    Thanks for the link Drewzor. Very useful for a total newbie like me. Something to practice this weekend.
  4. I always wear a jacket and gloves, usually just office pants, and im buying boots int he next month... had my bike licence about 3 months but i havent come off yet
  5. Thanks for the concern, WYSIWYG and drewzor.

    It was a little roundabout, which I had to go more than three-quarters round to turn right. I thing I just pushed too hard, probably started to accelerate with too much lean, wasn't using my weight to lean me and not the scooter. I heard a scrape, thought it was the centre stand (which I've never touched on this scooter and used to hit all the time on a scooter 12 years ago), and then the back slid and I went down.

    I don't think there was anything on the road (though it was dark). I think it was simply me exceeding my and my scooter's ability.

    However, back to the original point, it certainly makes me think about what I pants I should wear on the bike, because I do go into the hills, and if this is the damage I did to my knee at 15 to 20, what would I do at 80km/h?

    What I really get surprised by is the fact that hardly anyone (scooters or bikes) wears protective gear on a hot day. My Dririder jacket is the climate controlo one, and even on really hot days it is quite comfortable. After my little off this morning, I can't find any damage to it whatsoever.
  6. maybe he should of be aware of the poorly packed trailer and allowed more room, maybe all some practice emergency counter steers might of seen him round it too.....it's all risk mangement :)
  7. Interesting
  8. Being a total newbie with less than 20 hours riding experience on scooters, I almost ran into the gutter at a roundabout yesterday morning - trying to get clear of a car that tail-gated me into the roundabout. Luckily, managed to get it under control.

    Backmarker, I bought a pair of Draggin jeans yesterday, with the Kevlar padding on the backside and outside thigh to knee - do a search on Draggin or Hornee and you'll see what other people say about them. At least now I've got most of the package - Draggins, jacket, gloves and helmet. Just not sure if I need boots - I'm using a pair of Blundstone boots at the moment.

    Sorry for the thread hijack Drewzor!
  9. One of my roadcraft rules, is to avoid riding behind a tradey ute or similar... for obvious reasons... as demo'd by the OP.
  10. [quote Just not sure if I need boots - I'm using a pair of Blundstone boots at the moment. [/quote]

    You will if you come off as the weakest part of a blundy is the elastic bit that covers your ankle! Think about it!
  11. my 2c worth for those pondering on protection...

    Over the past 30 odd years I've ridden 90% of the time covered in reasonable protection or more, having come off occasionally I can say you can always have too much gear on and benefit.

    I've seen a guy loose it round a corner wearing trainers, the moment his feet hit the road he wasn't wearing any trainers...his feet weren't happy... suitable motorcycle 'shoes' or boots for me.

    Jeans are as good as office pants which are as good as shorts, all of these offer only bug or sun protection...if you hit you will have cotton mixed with gravel in your skin.
    It's always hot in summer (well, not so much this last summer :cry: ) But, wearing draggin jeans atleast will save your skin to some point; I also have a textile suit with armour (BMW), I tested it on a 60+ foot slide mid last year on a gravel road, stood up afterwards to find a dusty cat-scratch on the pant and some light bruising... the over-priced BMW gear showed it's worth :grin:

    Jackets with approved armour are good, any jacket with some armour is always better than none; wearing no jacket can cause YEARS in and out of hospital for skin grafts and lots of pain and suffering.

    Gloves, there's so many types available, choosing one with good quality materials can be hard, but some gloves is better than no gloves.. similar to the shoe incident, ensure they fit securely.

    A small but worthy point to note, carrying mobiles and camera's in your pockets can cause major damage, I've read of mobile phones breaking hips, so be mindful of wear you load it. (who needs to take a call on a ride anyway? :LOL:

    ATGATT: All The Gear All The Time: you'll feel better on your next ride :grin:
  12. The superbikes crash start at PI ended up with a rider losing his boot! This a fully fledge race boot! A pair of blunny's wont be much protection at all.
  13. gtrgilera, just wanted to say that I appreciated your post. As a newbie, I appreciate hearing of other's experiences, and good advice. Thanks.
  14. All the gear all the time.

    Saved me once already...
  15. how is that a graffic warning?

    thats just a cut....
  16. Thats right
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