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U shaped huge luggage pack thingy...

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Mr Messy, Mar 26, 2011.

  1. Hey guys.
    Question from my old boy who is preparing to set off on what he calls his rideabout - planning around 2500km+ of just heading 'somewhere'.
    Hey why not, all power to him.

    Anyway he is in the market for some luggage, and I remember seeing ages back a thread about someone who had gone for a nice long tour on his bike with a huge bag on the back seat that sat over the tail like an upside down U.
    Sadly for the rider involved if i recall at some point on the trip they dropped their bike (might jog someones memory?)...

    I cant for the life of me find the thread, or remember the brand or design of the luggage, but i think that would be right up the alley of what he has been trying to tell me he is after...

    So, can anyone remember the thread or which luggage pack that is?

    Cheers ;).
  2. Thats the one! Thanks heaps guys, will show him today.
  3. I'm kinda thinking of getting one now as well, good alternative to ventura and saddlebags
  4. Yeah dad has the stock beamer panniers, but no bag that would suit the back nor hold as much. Has the beamer rack thingy that would suit a top box, but for whatever his reasoning, he doesnt want a hard top box. Think he has a plan for attaching some extra fuel storage to the rack - toying with the idea at least.
    So something like that will about double the capacity, and plus his tank bag he ought to be right ;).
  5. his reasonning is because hard top boxes are so totally gay. everybody knows that.
  6. the bags connection stuff is top quality btw, i have some.

    have a look at wolfman stuff too though, is also excellent, heavy duty >http://www.wolfmanluggage.com.au/
  7. I have an Rjays bag, it takes my two man tent standing vertically, and zips down smaller when not used, its on my avatar,
    I can get every thing I want to go camping in it, and thats all I have on the bike,
  8. Oh yeah, i have one of those on my zzr dm, it doesnt look it but you can fit 4-5 large bags of shopping in there :D. Huge!

    He is off riding somewhere so havent got to show him yet...