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U.S Accessories Retailer - Recommended!

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by mrCAMPO, Oct 29, 2009.

  1. After a few emails on discussing the price, shipping and general information on the product I was after, I would highly recommend Sportbiketrackgear.com if you were looking to purchase some smashing prices on gear.

    I ended up ordering an A* MX-1 leather jacket for $509USD!! + $50 for P&H equated to $627AUD all up. Compared to a local retailer for an RRP of $999, go figure which makes sense. I generally support local businesses, but with a significance in price as mentioned, who wouldn't..

    Their service was top notch, their YouTube vids are really insightful and they seem to be genuinely passionate bike fans who love their day jobs.
  2. Ah sportbiketrackgear.com "Hi this is brian van from sport bike track gear sportbiketrackgear.com"

    I think i've watched about 30 different videos that he did reviews on, awesome reviews. But what puzzled me was, there was nothing wrong at all with everything he was reviewing. Like he doesn't make a single complain about any product, which surely a product must have some flaws..

    That said, $627 for an mx-1 is pretty good, and I was gonna buy some gear from him, but saw that some stuff from the closeout section of kneedragger and newenough we just too good to pass up on. Sidi Vertigo Corsa, A* GP Plus Gloves and the Scorpion All-In jacket for AUD830 including shipping.. Like you, i would love to support local businesses, but when i have to pay $650 for the Vertigo Corsa when i can get it from the US for slightly more than half that price, i'm sorry they lost me.

    But if I need to buy more gear, sportbiketrackgear videos here i come.. :)
  3. Haha the YouTube intros always crack me up. Gotta love his enthusiasm. "Hiiiiiii"

    Fair call. I think what he tends to do is review a top of the range product, then compares to a competing brand and gives the features/benefits then spilts the pros and cons.

    I think it would be safe to say that the reputable and more known retailers in the states are fair dinkum. You just save so much money you're laughin.

    I try the gear I want at my local for sizing/fit etc. If they won't budge on price I simply walk out and say hello to internet shopping..
  4. pfft I wait for it to be last season's style and pay what you would have paid anyway in australia.
  5. Except a majority of their closeout deals and last season styles are either out of stock on sizing, or just not the style I'm after. Again my 1st preference would be to shop around here, then go to overseas retailers as a last resort.