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U.K pub bars pregnant woman

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by waedwe, Apr 2, 2009.

  1. A PREGNANT UK woman was refused a drink at a pub and was then asked to leave by staff who said they were protecting her unborn child.

    Now do gooders in society apparently see fit to put there standards on everyone else too, wonder if there is any recourse and what would happen if police were called for failing to leave a licence premises when asked if this happened here.
  2. It's nothing to do with protecting unborn babies. The pub just doesn't want their customers to be faced with the possible tragic outcome of what they're actually there to try to do.
  3. :LOL: you mean a pregnant woman placed in surburban ovals on weekends where teenagers gather may lower unwanted teenage pregnany rates?
  4. There's only one way to find out.
  5. I wouldn't serve her.
  6. Poor pub can't win. If they serve her, she'll probably sue when she has a child with foetal alcohol syndrome, if they DON'T she'll sue on the basis of discrimination.

    Besides, maybe the proprietor is her uncle or something and he's trying to protect her from her self, who knows?
  7. There you go. No reason needed, no drama.

    Nevertheless, the woman doesn't sound like she's the brightest of the bunch.
  8. Good thing pubs have laws to reserve service to whoever they want for what reason and only have tabloid justicw to deal with!
  9. Pubs don't have to give a reason, however if they do they can be sued etc, depending on circumstances.
  10. Meh - I don't see it as do-gooders imposing their standards on everyone. I see it as a barman/woman with a brain refusing to serve alcohol to a pregnant woman without one.

    I wouldn't have served her either.
  11. the article said she already had a pint, and was then refused further drinks. the bar was doing her a favour.

    out of curiosity i looked up some more opinions on this and mainly the opinion is that the bar staff did the right thing.

    noone likes to be told what to do, but bar staff to some degree have to baby people because people choose to use their premises to become drunk.
  12. Coz she's ugly.
  13. They did the right thing for sure. With any luck morning sickness aka The Vomit Fairy will be tapping her shoulder real soon and let nature take its course.