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Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by spongesam, Dec 18, 2008.

  1. Well, been a while since i posted here... ...

    I'm finally shopping for a new rear tyre.
    It's a 170 tyre for a vstar 1100 cruiser... can't remember all the dimensions.

    Anyway, looking for a rough guide of price I will be looking to pay.
    Money's a bit tight y'know, with xmas around.

    And, anyone suggest brands / styles from experience?
  2. Front Tyre: 130/90-16

    Rear Tyre: 170/80-15
  3. I have no experience with cruiser tyres at all. Normally I'd suggest Pirelli as a brand 'cos I like them, but couldn't find a tyre in the size you need.

    I then looked at Michelin, and see that there's the "Michelin Commander" tyre which is offered in a size that would suit your bike.

    The other alternative for you is to simply look in your owner's manual. There's typically 3 or so manufacturer recommended tyres listed in the owner's manual that comes with a bike.
  4. aaah, cool thx, but i'm more interested in the idea of price...

    sorry if the post as slightly misleading.
  5. A quick browse with Google suggest around $220 for a Michelin Commander Rear in your required size, plus fitment charges.
  6. Metzeler ME880 are what I'd recommend. That's what I use on my VStar, and they're brilliant performers, wet or dry.

    I haven't worn through this set yet, but they are supposed to give very good mileage too - something to consider when you're factoring in your initial purchase price and how soon you are likely to have to replace them. The OEM's on the VStar were shite, the Dunlop after that, also shite, but I've been rapt with the ME880's.
  7. hmmmmm i got decent milage out of my rear tyre. 17000, well been quite low for a while, so my purchase will b almost immediate...
    what did you pay for urs?
  8. Have heard the Metzelers are good, probably looking for new tyre myself in the next month or 2, post up what you end up getting and where. Will be interested.
  9. Have a metz 880 260 width on my 109.

    Has heaps more grip than the stock dunnie.

    But the grip comes at a price - will need replacing at 10,000 klms.

    And you can wear it all the way PAST the edge of the tread.

    Would recommend this tyre to all and sundry.