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Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by edgelett, May 14, 2007.

  1. OK, hopefully this thread belongs here, if not then cool.

    I'm starting to plan ahead for my next pair of tyres. i just want to do a bit of research before I go get em.

    Firstly: Bike is a 1998 Honda Hornet 600. It has a demented front wheel size - 16 inch. And the profile on the 1998's is 130, not the 120 that most tyres are.

    Second: the main riding i do is to & from work, plus a weekly/fortnightly hills ride through twisties. I do my best to never ride in the rain, however I have occasionally been caught out in it. so far the Hornet hasn't been wet. I also will be doing 1-2 tours a year (rides to Melbourne, camping, etc)

    So what tyre is going to be best for me in these conditions? I hear Pilot Roads are pretty good, the Powers are better but wear out quickly which might not be good if I'm using the bike as my main transport.

    What other brands should I consider, and what are people's experience with them?
  2. Bridgestone BT-014 on the front, BT-020 on the rear.

    I maybe don't ride as mad as some, but I do long trips 'n stuff and lots of rides on Macquarie Pass etc, and I get around 13,000 out of the front tyre and 12,000 out of the rear; (now on my third set of the above configuration, so the figures are consistent).

    I'm always tempted to try something different, but being an old stick-in-the-mud, I stick with what works well :).
  3. the pilot road 2ct's are fantastic though i havent yet done a lot of riding on it, but i give it heaps and never spun it up once yet, they re a mixed compound slightly harder center with a softer side, for better cornering grip
  4. I have pirelli diablo's (comparable to the old Pilot Roads) not the stickiest of their range but pretty good milage, I am down to the wear markers on the front after about 15,000km the rear was put on only 7,000km ago and still has plenty of meat. Difference is I'm on a 250 so not likely to chew up rubber as quickly as the 600. The rear tends to square off easily with lots of commuting so you'll have to do lots of twisties on the weekends to balance it out.

    and the big selling factor: diablos have little pitch forks as the tyre wear indicator markers ;)

    I'm thinking about just replacing the front and keeping the rear. But these new Michelin Pilot Road 2CT's have me thinking...
  5. I wouldn't wish my Bridgestone 020's on my worst enemy. :shock: They're horrid. Even the slightest mist from the side of a water pistol on the road and it's too wet for traction. It takes a very hot day and a good deal of time to get the heat required for anything vaguely resembling grip in the corners. They do last for ages, but it seems even longer than the reality because they suck so much. :wink:

    Luckily for me, my bike now has two shagged tyres, so come school holidays I'll have it re-shod with pilot powers. :grin:
  6. Supercorsas!

    +1 to Seany's "020s are shite" but interestingly they're supposed to be among the BEST wet weather tyres...

    Diablo Stradas are nice too, I like the pirelli range. I'm not a fan of Pilot Powers but plenty of other are.
  7. Metzler m3 if there made in your size,and its much more fun wiping out the elephants on the side than pitch forks :grin:
  8. well how can someone with Devil racing pipes go past that!!!
  9. Not mine, I find them very slippy on damp roads. Could be they don't like my style or could be entirely the tyre's fault. Either way, I'm not thrilled with them :)