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Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by sivhead, May 12, 2006.

  1. Some help could be used here. I run metzler 150/70/17 lasertec and have been getting what I think is good miles (about 12,000klms out of the rear tyre) I have just put on a Brigstone bt45 which is about $100 cheper then the lasertec. Dose anyone have any good reports on long klms tyres. I'm up to 1000klms per week and as you can imagine I would like to get a tyre that will last a bit longer. Any Idears. T
    hanks sivehead

  2. Try a pilot road for the rear if you want ks 12000 on a zx9
  3. I think Hornet600 got something crazy like 18,000km from a BT020 :shock:
    Which is softer than BT45.

    You cant go too hard, saving 25% on tyre bills is all good until you crash :(
    I think BT45 would be the absolute limit, even too hard for many sportsbikes with fat tyres.
  4. Diablo Corsa .. best sport/touring tyre at the moment.
  5. Why and using what criteria? When we last bumped into each other you were using Strada no? Have you recently started on the Corsas? I'm still using BT-020s at the moment and they're ok for what they do.
  6. Rear BT020 is being replaced tomorrow morning with 17,924kms on it. The BT-014 front was replaced at with 13,217 on it. I highly recommend them, bearing in mind the Hornet 600 only weighs as much as a Hornet 250, give or take a pound or two.....
  7. Did you keep the BT-014 on the front?
  8. With that sort of mileage, and great grip, hell yes!! and the rear BT-020 is being replaced by...another BT-020.

    The front wears a bit more quickly because it's a 16" wheel so any part of the tyre is touching the ground more often than the 17" rear, accoridng to my lousy maths and geometry :LOL:
  9. The only thing connecting you to your bike is your wrists, legs and arse.

    the only thing that connects the bike to the road is a patch of rubber no bigger than your palm.

    Screw cost & mileage, I want grip.

    I use to swear by M1 Sportecs that I ran on the SP1. I am running (inherrited) Michelin Pilot Powers on the Storm and I might just stick (pardon the pun) with these tyres, they grip like crazy. They are $300 a tyre and besides, Renault F1 use Michelin tyres :p
  10. Oh just admit it, its becauce the front spends half its time up in the air. :LOL:
  11. I am not so familiair with motorcycle tyres, however I run a set of Mitchalin Pilots on the car , and the grip seems limitless, however another good tire I have also used is Continental. With newer generations of tyre, I have also found that the milage is also improving.
  12. No, exactly the opposite; if I was doing monos all the time, it would last LONGER.

    (BUT I wouldn't: Mrs Hornet would KILL ME :LOL: )

    I should point out that apart from my fang up Reefton last year, and the occasional blast up Macquarie Pass, I am a fairly conservative rider. I can't imagine Loz got those sorts of mileages out of his tyres when he had his 600 Hornet.....
  13. Your right palm would KILL you??????? how odd ;)
  14. Ah Vic, when you have had one wonderful lady putting up with your foibles and sense of humour for nearly 33 years, you do tend to be sensitive to the other half's needs. She's a ex-rider herself, but the last thing I want her to do is worry when I'm riding.....

    {Having said that, I am getting better at Macqaurie Pass, and I can't wait to come back down to Melbourne and have another leisurely amble up Reefton :LOL: }
  15. :WStupid: Ok, so stop doing stopies then :LOL:

    And that dosnt mean stop by doing stopies, it means cease such behaviour you holigan. :roll:
  16. I ve had pilot road tyres on my bike since I bought it 7000kms ago.still going well.
  17. First time I've ever heard of a 75/25 track/street tyre get called a "sport-touring" tyre.

    Don't get me wrong, I love the Diablo Corsa's, but for a tyre that is quite happy to be ridden hard at the track, and wears out in 3000-4000kms (rear) on the road, I think it's a little more of a stretch to include the word "touring" in its description.

    Diablo Corsa's are all-out track & street sport tyres.
  18. I'm with you, I want a tyre that will stick to the blacktop better than any other. That's priority No.1.........No.2..........
  19. I do 500 to 1000 km a week, so I need them to last a reasonable amount of time so run the BT-020's, dual compound so they dont square off as quick on the highway.