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Tyres, which ones?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MadGalah, Jun 9, 2008.

  1. Not sure if this has been done before.

    I am looking at upgrading my tyres shortly. At the moment the tyres on my KLE are more road tyres and don't really handle soft stuff the best.

    What I'm looking for is something that will handle well on the road, dry and wet, but something that will also perform well off road.
    My mate is running Bridgestone Trail Wings on his DR and I liked the look of them, but when I googled them, most people were not a fan, say they didn't handle well in the wet and most people generally not liking them at all.

    Most of my riding is daily commuting. I would like to get out off road a little more, mainly open fire trails and gravel roads. I'm in Nth QLD if that makes any difference (road conditions etc).

    So I'm just chasing peoples opinions and thoughts on what tyres would suit me best.

  2. Can i slight thread hi-jack here. :grin:

    Hi guys, im about ready for a new rear tyre on my 98 r1.
    I'm in the south east burbs of melbourne.
    At the moment its got a pilot power on the front and a pilot sport 180/55 on the rear.

    I would like to go to a 190/50 but im not realy sure what i should buy.

    I mostly commute on the bike, to and from the city(lotsa freeway ks) but i also go out on the weekends through the hills, i use it for a bit of everything but i do plenty of ks, looking at about 300ish a week.

    I would like to get some miles out of a tyre but i dont want a lack of grip costing me injury/bike. Money aint a thing, actually no it is but I'm not super tight.

    I was thinking of just going another pilot sport
    , but then i could go the pilot powers http://two-wheels.michelin.com/2w/fr...153838&lang=EN. Ive been recomended continental road attacks as well.

    Anyone had any success importing tyres from the states?
    Anyone had any good deals lately? :grin:

    you are never going to get a tyre that "does it all well"

    but for what you describe, i use a combo of metzella tourance front and knobbie rear on my XR4, fine on the road, and adequate on the dirt, although you would proabably go metzella fr and rear for the KLE.

    filthy blatant thread hijack btw :LOL:
    to the highjacker, i havent heard much about the new conti tyres, but what i have heard is largely positive, but for what you describe, i wouldnt go past the pilot road 2's 2CT. they have taken everything i have thrown at them on the storm, any washout is consistant and easily recoverable. wet grip is excellent. only on a hand full of occasions have i really tested them, and they hold their grip and feel superbly without fading in long sets of twisties like the old pilot roads did.
  4. Get pilot roads. :grin:

  6. To the OP -what is your definition of dirt or off road? If it is gravel roads & dry dirt ie no thick sticky mud, then you would have to go a long way to beat Avon Distanzias. Outstanding on the blacktop & pretty darn good on dirt/gravel. Only real issue is trying to find someone to purchase them off, they are not real common.
  7. and round

  8. oooh yeah - that's important too.

  9. I have had pilot powers ,sports,road,metzler m1s and m3s,dunlop 208rr and a few others that i cant remeber.Recently i was steered towards dunlop roadsmarts ,and being a dunlop i initially discounted it but guess what these new tyres seem to do it all :grin:
  10. No ideas for the OP, sorry - my dirtbike experience is 20 years or more in the past and I've never had a dual purpose machine.

    For M le Threadjacker - any particular reason for the 180/55 to 190/50 switch? For commuting and such, and even the weekend spins through the twisties, I'm not sure any advantages you'd see outweigh the extra cost and the slight change of diameter leading to speedo inaccuracy. Not saying you shouldn't do it, just curious about the reasoning.
  11. Tyreist. What's wrong with the other colours. :p
  12. bravus - 190/50 are stock size.

    I wanna go the 190 cos i figure they will get my feet that beesdick closer to the ground(helps he cos im 5'2) they were the standard size anyway, i know that the 180/55 make the bike easier to tip in, but i figure if the 190 are realy bad il drop the front forks up through the triples which will make the bike steer faster anyway(an il get even lower to the ground).

    Also i want to give they a try an see how i like them.

    At the moment i think im steering towards a pilot power at the rear.
  13. Ah, fair enough, didn't realise they were the stockers. I guess I was also partly reacting to a post on another forum a while ago, where someone was saying "I have a Bandit 600, how can I fit a 200 on the back because I want to get 'The Look'". I knew that wasn't you, but wondered... so thanks for the response.
  14. JD, you know full well black goes with everything.

    My answer was correct and safe.

    I shudder to think what riders are racing around with terribly colour-uncoordinated helmets and tyres; based on your advice!
  15. distanzia or even a knobby like the TKC's, which have exellent wet grip (for the breed) and reasonable life. If you really are planning softer stuff, you can't go past the knobbies, and the conti's really are pretty good on road, even in the wet.
  16. In which case the bike in the OP, which appears to be black, should go well with any colour tyre :p.