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Tyres - Triumph Daytona 600

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by kelzdayt, Jan 12, 2006.

  1. I'm ashamed to say that when it comes to "mechanical" items on my bike I am shamefully useless. I was married to a mechanic and relied on him to do this stuff, but now I am on my own and it's all a bit of challenge :shock:

    So, my trusty Triumph Daytona needs a new front tyre. I've already replaced the rear ( about 5 months ago), and although the bike has only travelled about 5,000km I now need a new front tyre too.

    The local bike shop recommends the Pirelli Diablo 120/70 and will fit it for about $199.00

    Does that sound reasonable? Must I match front and rear? Any feedback would be appreciated. thanks
  2. pirelli actually made a tyre specifically for the daytona, but its not much different from the standard diablo (think it is something like diablo t). i asked a similar question about tyres a while ago, as have plenty of other people. there was a lot of support for michelin pilots, and not as much for bridgestones. the pilots seem to have a reputation for lasting a little longer (which may be good is you're going through tyres in 5k) and the pirelli's for winter. really not much in it though, pick the name you like best.

    what did you put on the rear? maybe put the same on as the rear and then when they both need replacing try something different? i think most views would be that you are better to keep the same brand (not necessarily model) front and rear, although racers mix and match.

    i can't remember prices, but someone is sure to post these for you
  3. Price sounds a bit steep to me. But country dealers do add more of a margin and building up a relationship with one is a good investment.

    Depends how you ride, but in general matching front and back is a good idea, esp in wet riding.

    Ain't there are 'tona 600 website?

    Or else try


    But the Diablo is good rubber.

    If you're going to mix tyres, ensure the front is stickier than the back, and that they have similar profiles. A mismatch of profiles increases weaving thru a bend.

    Edit: roundabout is prob referring to Pilot Powers. Softer than the Roads, harder than the Races. A good tyre too - ran them both ends of my Sprint but only got 3,500 out of the rear. Heavy bike; now run Pilot Roads.
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  5. So roundabout, do you have a deposit down on the 675?