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tyres trick?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by slammer, Mar 15, 2006.

  1. Do you guys think if I fill my tires with Helium, that my bike will start lifting once the tires warm up?
    A buddy of mine told me to do this for better wheelies.
    what do you guys think?

  2. i hear lead in the rear tyre makes it wheelie better :)
  3. yeah but that makes stoppies hard...
  4. Aeroplane Jelly does it for me :wink:

  5. you only need to do one wheelie to pick up the girls :LOL:
  6. If you replace your tyres with those big rubber inner tubes that kids sometimes use in the pool it's easier to wheelie - they weigh less.
  7. I just tie a bunch of baloons to the bars.

    If you strip all the paint off your bike it'll be lighter too.

    Just for curiosity - how much does the air in tyres weigh?
  8. Hot air in the front tyre and cold air in the back dopey. :wink: :LOL:
  9. Is this thread for real or is someone just being funny?

    Just be careful.... you may float off into space. :? :?
  10. Ok, let me be the first (and possibly only) fool :roll: who attempts to answer this straight.

    Racing teams (at the highest level) have experimented with helium in tyres, but not primarily for weight reasons.

    Helium does not expand when heated like air, and so issues to do with tyre shape deformation under extreme racing conditions can be better controlled with helium than with air.

    I cannot recall whether this experiment has gone any further, is within the rules, or is in use. I'll leave that research to someone else. :LOL:

    There it is - have fun with it!

  11. If you saw anything that looked like good advice here, please re-read the above posts and consider a more critical assessment. :p :LOL: :LOL:

  12. .......................... I am completely............. ahhh whatever!

    I need to drink!!
  13. how do i do that?
    i can get hot air in the back and cold in the front by doing a big burnout, but not sure how i would achieve the opposite...

    i think the helium idea is better.
  14. Maybe you should stop wasting money on crap like helium and concentrate on real performance mods, like indicator fluid and performance muffler bearings...get your priorities right!

  15. do you see me laughing :?:
  16. you forgot the neons
  17. Do a stoppie all the way down a long twistie hill. :p :grin:
  18. They put nitrogen in aeroplane tyres....
    When those things go fast they are lighter than air.

    You should try it and let us know how it goes.

    And remember you have to try and fly from the top of a building. Thats why you see ducks in the lift..... I know i killed the joke, but Bill Hicks is dead, so what he going to do about it.

    PS: i'm not joking about the nitrogen in aeroplane tyres.
  19. Oy! Jimmy there are some grown women on here as well! :grin: Seriously, though the helium concept had both Husband and I wetting ourselves laughing. I can't publish his comment its too rude. As for the deleted posts I wasn't offended by them anymore than I was by the OP that sparked the whole thing.
  20. Yeah i think the previous post referring to helium in tyres actually ment nitrogen. For what it's worth most big Bob Jane T-mart outlets will fill your car tyres with nitrogen for ~$20 so i'm sure you could get your bike done aswell.

    Most car magazines use nitrogen in the tyres when doing there tyres testing know to help remove any anomalies between makes and models in regards to heat expansion.

    I believe the reason they use it is because the pressure remains constant even when the tyre is hot. I THINK this is because nitrogen does not have the water content like H2O which is what causes the big pressure difference between hot and cold tyres????