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Tyres Slipping

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by GPXChick, Mar 13, 2007.

  1. Hi All

    I am in need of a little advise from some of u experts out derrr please... I am a newby and have been riding for about 4 weeks now.... Phew and can I just add what an experience so far ... :eek: :shock: :oops: :cry: :evil: :grin: .... But what a BUZZ!!! :cool: :grin: :grin: Anyhooze I bought a brand new Kawasaki GPX and have found on a few occassions during a ride that the front handlebars feel really loose, just to touch them makes the front end wobble and tyre slip really easy...feeling like i could slide out any second and am riding on ice... Weather has been mid 20's and nope not raining or in oil slicks etc :wink: and it is a constant feeling once it happens...Starts off ok it just seems to happen suddenly... I took it back to shop and they looked at me like i was a nuffy :? :mad: ... am i nutso ????[​IMG]or is there some sort of reason for this???
  2. hey gpx chick,

    just in case you dont know... you should run in your tyres, they will be a little slippery when new... last i read about 160kms (according to kawasaki) before you start to push the bike (and tyres)... so take it easy till then, last thing you want is to put some speed scrapes down the side of the shiny new gpx :D
  3. so if you don't touch it doesn't wobble..??
  4. hey swifty
    thanks for the info .....much appreciated
    ...i did actually run it in as per manual ...i was a bit like a granny rider at the start :eek: but ddennnn.. ... :twisted: ...I have actually done 2400km already :cool: :grin:
    ...hmmm I have 2 droppidge marks so it has unfortunatly been cristened already :cry:
  5. hiya abvc ...not sure if you are asking the question, :? making a statement or taking the
    [​IMG] out of me here ..... :grin:
  6. Maybe.. :D

    I occasionally have something that sounds very similar to what you describe. After reading twist of the wrist I realised how important not having a deathgrip on the bars is, and that if you do have a very strong grip then every bump goes straight up your arm instead of being diffused by a relaxed body. You said when you notice it, it stays like that for a while. Which might suggest that you being conscious of it is making you even more stressed and resulting in you grabbing the bars even more tightly. So incase it is this, next time it happens, just concentrate on keeping yourself, particularly your arms, relaxed. Hope it helps. And well done with 2400kms in couple of weeks! :tantrum:
  7. If this happens when you are accelerating hard, then you could be lifting the front wheel a little bit. That would definitely make the steering feel 'loose'.
  8. ...hmmmm u may have a point...yes i do grip tightly and am consious of it at times...especially when i nearly hit a wombat :shock: i do feel like i could snap i am so stiff sometimes.... :roll: ...ok so loosen up, degrip and read this book...not whilst riding of course :eek: :grin:

  9. Relax your grip. :)

    The handle bars are for steering, not holding on to. It you relax your arms, shoulders and wrists, you'll soak up little bumps rather than put that input back through the bars.

    If this was happening on your ride this weekend, the wind may have had a lot to do with it. Often wind can give the feeling that the bike is wobbly. :)

    Only other thing I can think of is tire pressure. Low pressure in the rear can also give that sensation. :)

    I'd put my money on relaxing your grip and keeping your arms loose solving the problem. :wink: :grin:
  10. haha i love saying that :bolt: :woot:

    my front felt like it was going to slip out from underneath me , but i was on gravel.. you might be entering the corners a little fast or not seated on your bike properly ? have you tried putting your left thigh out when cornering left, and right thigh out when cornering right... i have found it is helping me a bit.

    i don't have a license YET but it doesn't mean I haven't felt the road :p
  11. i was confused [-X
  12. Welcome to 11 minutes ago :) er6f, noice.
  13. Maybe you should've read the PM I sent 2 hours b4 you posted. I was simply reaffirmining it. :p :LOL: At least if we've drawn the same conclusion, we're probably on the right page. :)

    Thanks Dude, I'm happy with it. :grin:
  14. Agree with the general consensus about having a death grip on the bars.

    Probably wouldn't hurt to check tyre pressure either, it may have too much air?
  15. Too little air would cause that sensation. Too much air would mean less movement as the tire would be firmer. :)

    Both cases are not ideal so it's important to regularly check tire pressure. A little too much is better than a little too little af flat tires heat up easily and risk a blow out. Too much pressure and it's more likely to slip, but the handling will feel better until the point where the tire actually does slide out from under you (you'll know when that happens). :)

    As a rule, less pressure gives better grip whereas more pressure gives more responsive handling. Manafacturers tend to underestimate ideal pressure for road use so adding a couple psi above recomended isn't a bad idea. At least that means you have some room for the pressure to gradually fall until next time you check them. :) A bit of trial and error is often required to get it right for each rider/bike combination. :)
  16. If you're still worried, I live around the corner from you. PM me if you want me to have a look at it and tell you if it's all in yer wrists or not.
  17. There's an overall uperbody stiffness that needs to be relaxed. The tight grip is symptomatic of a generaly stiff posture caused by nerves. Practice and gaining confidence is the best way to overcome it. :)

    Hey Loz, Maybe if you could give Tiff some turning tips, she could give you some tips for dodging wombats on the spur. :LOL: :grin:

    Loz is worth riding with Tiff. He's a hoon but he's good at it. :)
  18. Thanks heaps Seany [​IMG]

    I wasn't too sure, hence the question mark :oops: , that's one more thing I know now :cool:
  19. +1 What Seany said.

  20. hey loz, thanks i will definatley take u up on that offer :wink: ...as soon as i get the bike back that is.....4 week old bike and had mechanical issues twice now already....AHHHHHHH :evil: :mad: ...as soon as ive got it back consider yourself PM'D :grin: