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Tyres on ebay :)

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by lil, Dec 18, 2007.

  1. I found an Ebay store selling brand new tyres for motorcycles. All prices are ride away cost with no hidden fitting and balancing fees. Stock changes regularly and the seller is easy to contact if what you want isn't there. Click below to grab yourself a bargain!


    I won a good price on my Pilot Powers, so definately worth a look :wink:
  2. Yes but only 7 feedback :) If its pickup that wouldn't matter though.
  3. Those prices don't look that great Lil. From memory, I got a pair of Pilot Powers fitted for $515 from Treads 'n' Things (Metro Motorcycles Ringwood), although that was a year ago.
  4. well you got ripped off ya big girl, $472 fitted and balanced from there.....

    Sux to be you :wink: ya tight Currant
  5. Same price at Stevos except the ebay guy doesnt charge for fitting and balancing so its a better deal than most places......

    Cant beleive Rod the tight twat paid Retail........oh the humanity :eek: :LOL:
  6. Ah well, Stookie me old angry Scotsman, I looked at that site and added up $320 for a rear PP, and $235 for a front PP, and got $555 for the two you see. Perhaps my math is getting old, or he discounts when you front up and ask.

    Oh wait, you mean $472 at Metro. I think I did read a thread where you have said that before.

    My price was for the two balanced and fitted. . . but yes, if I paid too much, it sucks to be me. :oops: :cry: :LOL:
    Actually at the time retail was about $550 I think, so I got a little off. :cool:
  7. Angry, what ever gave you that impression, your stereotyping ! ! !

    I got lils tyres from the above link for less than 410 but more than 399, fitted and balanced. Maybe its cos Im a top BLOKE, and you have an opinion on EVERYTHING. Which makes you a NON-BLOKE which would make you a woman, (who also have an opinion on everything). :wink:
  8. Nah Stookie, you would have got them at that price 'cos you are a tight Scotsman, and they didn't want to feel the wrath and lashings of your anger.

    So Lil has you running around doing errands for you now. Good to hear. I knew you liked to wear skirts, but I didn't know you like to be told what to do by one. :p

    [No offense Lil. I'm just defending myself from the beating your old man is giving me. :shock: ]

  9. your grammar is terrible, it doesnt make sense......
    I cant argue with illiterate fools. My tires are cheaper than yours, if you have not a good opinion to make then dont make it NOBODY ASKED ABOUT IT.
    If you popped up here selling your bike and everyone jumped on saying how it was overpriced and a POS ridden by an illiterate fool.......then we can talk.

    If you want a beating, rather than a word fight, let me know big man.
    I can go all scottish on you, imerse you in the culture :LOL: :grin:
  10. ^^
    :rofl: + tears! :LOL:
  11. There is nothing like a bit of banter in the afternoon, but don't go getting all physical on me now Stookie.

    I thank you for correcting my grammar. Of course, I meant "So Lil has you running around doing errands for her now." Can I return the favour with a little help with your spelling? Perhaps you meant, "I can go all scottish on you, immerse you in the culture", instead of imerse.

    BTW I'm glad your tyres are cheaper than mine, and that Lil shared the information. But the link posted takes you to standard retail pricing, not the deal you got for Lil. I'm sure our banter has bought that point to lots more people than the original post, so we all win. :grin:

    Oh, and my bike is overpriced, after all, it's a Ducati. :LOL: :cool:
  12. Cheaper tyres wear out quicker..................
  13. Never a true-er word spoken......

    Roderick PI....the spelling mistake was to allow you to redeem yourself,
    (i have spell check on) :wink:

    But yes we do like the banter :LOL: