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Tyres on CBR500R. Suggestions?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by HotelWhisky, Sep 12, 2015.

  1. Hey Guys,

    I was out on a ride yesterday and when pulled up at the Grey Gum Cafe on Putty Rd a fellow rider kindly pointed out that my rear tyre was looking a little too (very very) worn out.

    So, my request is what would you suggest for a rear tyre? CBR500R, it's currently wearing the stock rear, and this one last 11,000km. Is that a normal amount of wear?

  2. Yes that's reasonable wear, it sort of depends on the type of riding you do and how long you did that first 11k over. If you are likely to be changing tyres before next Winter then you could go for a sticky compound over summer. If you commute then a dual compound with a heavier compound on the centre of the tyre to cope with commuting.

    So what kind of riding do you do?
  3. The wheel/tyre sizes on the CBR500R means almost everything fits from race to touring tyres.

    Sportbike Tires, Sport Motorcycle Tires | Jake Wilson

    I would look at Bridgestone T30 or Pirelli Angle GT if I was looking for similar life but Continental, Metzler, Avon and pretty much everyone else offers a good tyre. I would also check what's on special at your nearest tyre dealer.
  4. Cheers guys,

    I ride a fair bit (those 11k were done over 7 months of riding) and I do commute, but the commute would be less than half of those ks. I like being able to head off for a day and ride, hence Fridays spur of the moment 600km ride. I imagine I'll hit 20,000km by May next year.

    I will chat to my local dealership. I have it booked in for a service, I was just going to change the tyre's then. Would you suggest a dedicated tyre dealership over the dealer I bought the bike from?
  5. Just go to whoever you like, as long as you are paying around $30 a wheel for change over. Its a simple process
  6. I had the same problem with the previous tyres on my motorcycle. I do 60 kilometres of straight highway commuting about three days per week. The rear was well and truly squared down to the wear indicators.

    I had a set of Michelin Pilot Road 4 tyres fitted in March and only recently after 7,000 kilometres has a small square spot started to barely show - which I easily fixed with a a couple of hours' riding on bending roads. I would buy these again. I've also had the Pirelli Angel GT tyres recommended to me with straight road commuting in mind.
  7. I put Pilot Road 4's on my?CBR500r. The improvement over the stock tyres was significant.
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  8. +1 to pilot roads.
  9. Yes +1 for the Pilot Road 4, great tire, good in the wet too.
    I currently have the PR4GT's on my 1400 GTR and I am almost on the blocks on the rear with a total 18,000ks, 70% touring (loaded) 40% commuting.
  10. Also got 11000kms on the stock tyres on my CBR500R. Replaced with Pilot Road 3s, and so far have 12000kms on themI reckon another easy 3000kms remaining on the PR3's.

    Performance improvement from stock tyres to the PR3's are amazeballs!
  11. I've got my bike booked in this weekend for new Pilot Road 4's front and rear and looked this morning to see 15,750kms on the factory rubber... Mostly highway riding/commuting.
  12. I've got 14k km on my PR3s. (1250 Bandit) The rear will need a change in the next 2k. Reasonable life. Great wet road performance. I'll be buying another. Mixed use, inc, some long, loaded trips.
  13. Thanks for all the feedback guys. I was really keen for the PR4's based on these recommendations. However after some big riding this weekend, I needed to get it sorted ASAP, and my normal dealer (who has the PR4s in stock) is in Canberra. I really wasn't feeling confident on that wheel riding back to Canberra (300km the fun way), and there is a dealer who did me a deal on the Pirelli Angel GTs, which dont seem far from the PR4s. So I am getting those on them today.

    Might try the PR4s for my next set, depending how long these last me. That will teach me for not paying closer attention to how my tyres are wearing!!
  14. The Angels are good tyres, lots of fun in the dry, a little more vague in the wet than the PR4s. From the sound of the distances you are riding though you will be up for another set before winter so enjoy. :)
  15. Cheers, I'll get to test them tomorrow. Mechanic suggested I be careful on new tyres as they can be slippery. I'll have to take it easy tomorrow.

    Haha yea all things going as planned I will be on a new set by then (y)