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Tyres on backwards?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by CaffeineMonster, Aug 4, 2016.

  1. Hey, before I call the tyre mechanic and yell at him - these tyres are fitted backward yes?


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  2. #2 Ned, Aug 4, 2016
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    Check the direction of rotation arrow, yes, it's on backwards.
  3. both the same. F**ing idiot. He went of for ages about I've been fitting tyres for 20 years, why didn't you ask me what type of tyre you should get, blah, blah, blah. Lucky it wasn't bloody raining when I rode home!

    Thanks Ned
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  4. Let us know what his excuse was when the job is put right. I wonder how many other tyres he's fitted incorrectly in that oh-so-many 20 years, with riders not knowing??
  5. I reckon the fronts on the right way, but the rear one is wrong.

    I know my front tyre the grooves 'look' the wrong way (and I commented on same when it was installed), but thats the way it is. Opposite to the Rears.

    But again, look for the arrows, which your photos don't show?
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  6. So ... anybody else notice that both pictures are of the rear?
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  7. The thumbnail is of the front.
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  8. Just called him, he said he just copied old tyre - no you didn't mate. As I took photos of old tyre yesterday to see worn out tread I have the proof. Anyway, least he said would fix it and do a deal for recompense.

    I would be happy to listen to his suggestions as to what tyre, but it doesn't help when what he says doesn't match what every review I've read says and manufactures blurbs say. He may NORMALLY be good at changing tyres, but it wouldn't hurt to actually read up a bit on the different tyres if he is going to insist he knows everything about tyres.

    Interestingly, I thought I should check orientation as when I got home I checked some reviews about the tyre he said I should have got (and of which he seemed to exclusively stock) and one of them said the fitters had put the tyre on the wrong way - hence I thought i'd check - strange how the world works.
  9. yeah, every since I woke up one morning to find Windows 10 had decided to download itself onto my computer without permission, it is acting up. Somehow the front only ended up as a thumbnail, while the rear decided it was worth viewing twice.
  10. what tires did he recommend?
  11. Oh, ok, so if he replaces a chain which has the C clip on the wrong way, he will put the new chain together with the clip still facing the wrong way? Great way to do business. Find a new mechanic. Plus, he lied to you about copying the old tyre.
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  12. Checked the thumbnail. It's on backwards as well by the look of it. The sipes are supposed to guide water OUT of the contact patch, not into it.
  13. +1 for checking the direction arrow...... should be on the sidewall somewhere.
    I hate that! I've had it before on my car....... I guess if you've spent 20 years fitting tyres it'd be pretty easy to become blase
  14. what sipes mate?
  15. Are they both on back to front? My fronts and rear have the tread reversed, so to me they both look wrong.
  16. the tread grooves
  17. thats just the tread though
    cant see any sipes
  18. Either way. Still on backwards.
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  19. [​IMG]
    see those cross lines on the front?
    they are sipes
  20. Even if he did copy the old tyre, he's a numpty! If he's been fitting tyres for twenty years, he ought to know which way they go, without copying. I've met a few of these experts who know everything, and each one has let me down. Very careful about where I take my machinery these days.
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