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Tyres on a 600? {Moved from general, please take care where you post}

Discussion in 'Tyres' started by nebs101, May 8, 2013.

  1. Just out of curiosity,
    Is it possible to fit a 190/55 tyres on a 05 CBR 600RR? Standard is 180/55.

    Also, would there be any benefits/disadvantages of doing this? Or is this done purely for the aesthetics of having a wider tyre in the back?

  2. I don't think there is any advantage, I always thought that you want to have the thinnest tyre that can handle the power, for best performance
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  3. Depends what the purpose is for.. Many race tyres like the Dunlop slicks are designed as 190/55 for a 5.5 rim, it puckers a little making the tyre slightly taller..

    If you want to carry more lean, turn better, and get more grip, better to get the thinner tyre with the higher profile.. Pirelli have a 180/60 which I can tell you is awesome! This is a dot race tyre however, not for the road..
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  4. are you having trouble with the 180 or something???

    must admit i'd thought about it with my 600... then i thought it was kinda boganish... like fitting wider tyres onto skinny ass commodore rims cause it's fully sick mate... the engineers probably knew more about tyre choice than me.
  5. No, no troubles with the 180..
    I came across this comparison (darn - cant post links)

    Google image "180 vs 190 profile" and its the first image

    The 180/55 and 190/55 looked similar, besides the fact that the 190 was slightly taller (and obviously wider). So just want to keep my options open when I'm buying my next set of rubbers (soon).
    Wanted to get some advice on it, that's all.
  6. A 190 will look visually narrower as it'll be taller on on your rim. All things being equal, it'll lift your rear and give you sharper tip-in and a steeper profile. It'll mess up your sag. None of this is a benefit for comfortable road riding.

    Unless you're running wide on exits under power or need the geometry of the bike changed for a specific reason, it's purely personal preference. I'd stick to 180s.
  7. The point of wider tyres is for better heat dissipation. I'll always go with the smallest tyre I can get away with.

    Some 600s run 200 rears in racing, especially at PI. I bet there's geometry changes to go with it tho..
  8. And gearing as well...
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  9. no it wont.. tyre size has nothing to do with suspension sag
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  10. Of course you're right.
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  11. Well in fact a taller profile on the rear that pitches more weight onto the front will actually, but yeah as you were...
  12. Pretty negligable transfer of cg with a rideheight change I've found, not sure about others. I did some garage testing for 'fun' a while back, and noticed over a range of changes that a 2cm change in rideheight at the wheel only shifted .9-1kg of weight from the rear to the front contact patch. Is there a quantifiable shift yes, is it significant to worry about dialling out, no. There are tons more variables in weight shift like a rider inconsistently crawling front to back and side to side on the seat that you should be more concerned about dealing with. The FX600 control tyre (dunlop kr's) is a 200/55, but actual numbers are not significantly different to 190s. Check out various diagrams showing the change in shape, even between 50 & 55 profiles.
  13. Not a good idea for a road bike, I've found. At some point in time my Ducati was fitted with a 5.5" rear rim, should be 4.5" rear from stock. Didn't realise until I parked it next to a mates who had the 160 rear while I have the 180. Riding the two side by side, the 160 definitely makes for a better ride on the road. Have to muscle the 180 around. 180 looks cooler. So 200 would look even better. Function over fashion I'd say though!
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  14. This doesn't look like a product review for a tyre though ...
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  15. cheers for all your thoughts.. I guess I'll never really know for myself till I actually try it!
  16. No benefit on a road bike, unless you know something Honda doesn't.