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Tyres, new set or just one?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by thecptn, May 14, 2007.

  1. Here is my dilema, back tire now resembles some thing off a car, needs a new one, front one how ever is fine and dandy, guy at the shop reckons its a good idea to get a new set as a new rear and older front will upset handling through corners in subtle ways, is this true in any way?

  2. If the front's still okay, go for it. Save yourself some cash. But remember, it's the front that grips in the corners and on the brakes, so while you can get about with a munted rear, pay attention to the front.
  3. hahahahahha, go back and smack the wanker!

    It isn't a good idea to run different compunds and profile tyres.

    People replace their rear tyres 3-4:1 on big heavy bikes.

    Which shop suggested this?
  4. I wont mention any names here, vic, bloke said what you said pretty much, not to run different compounds, but the front...cant remember what type it is, is a touring tyre..so its nice and hard, which means I wont be getting no soft compound tire for the rear.
  5. I guess it comes down to what type of riding you will be doing on the bike, if its just used for commuting/touring then I wouldn't worry about a new front tyre but if the bike is used for a lot of weekend blasts though the twisties you might want to consider a new set of softer compounds.
  6. i scored a nail in my rear tire, so had a look at teh front had a few clicks left in it.. but decided two new tires be a wiser choice than 1!

    once ran in and ready to be ridden... two new tires turned in fastastic felt so much nicer!

    just do it! get the tires YOU want, not ride with the tires you got just because the front has a few kms left.. if u want softer ones bite the bullet.
  7. would you say the same if the situations reversed?
    Looking at replacing just the front tyre.
    seems such a waste to chuck the rear when there's still so much meat left especially on the edges. :oops:
  8. There's a good economic argument for 'staggering' your tyre replacement strategy; after all, one is cheaper than two. I replace mine at different times, but I always replace with the exact same tyre, so maybe that covers it. But I can't see any reason to junk a perfectly good front just because you are replacing the back tyre.

    Just keep in mind what Loz said; the front is your most important tyre!! If you are going for a softer, grippier tyre at the back and you still have a harder, more touring-oriented tyre at the front, then there may be a case for going for a set, and keep the old front as a spare.

    {And it WOULD help if we knew what bike we were talking about too, :wink:}.

    nee, you need to get out there in them twisties and even up the wear on the rear :LOL:. As I said to Tash, I use Bridgestone BT-014 on the front and BT-020 on the back of my Hornet, and I get great mileage, and heaps of grip too. Have a think about it anyway :).
  9. I'm running different compounds front and rear and whilst it's not the best, it's better than running 2 incorrect compounds.
  10. Generally speaking if one is running 2 different compounds it's ok but make sure one puts the stickier compound tyre on the rear.

    The front should _not_ be less grippy as a rear end slide is lots easier to catch than a front end slide.
  11. Eh??? Surely you need more grip at the front than the back??? Lose the back end you can sometimes get it back, lose the front end and it's 'hello nurse'....
  12. agreed. it is possible to save rear end slides. front end wash out is game over.

    i have a very good front tyre and a very crap rear tyre. i think i go through 5 rears to every front.
  13. There is absolutely nothing that compares with having a brand spanking new set of tyres on your bike for feel & confidence. Front & rear. End of story.
  14. +1
  15. i recently got a set put on first time ever on any bike iv owned and it was like wtf! this is great!

    mine were pretty old though, i would check the build date of the tyre and the wear it may have tread but is it cupped or still smooth?
  16. I agree, but not everybody can raise $500 just off the cuff to replace both tyres and pay fitting; sometimes staggering the replacement is a choice driven by economics, not technical considerations.
  17. this is true hornet a set for my gpx250 cost $250 instead of $500
  18. Bastard! I was thinking a set for my bike was closer to $700.
  19. Why do you have to buy both tyres at the same time? According to your own tyre wear rates you have about 12,000 kms to either put a little bit of cash aside or buy a tyre here & there to have ready when needed.
  20. Entirely fair point, I concede :) !!