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Tyres have gone.. Blue-ish?!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by athakkar22, Oct 17, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, so I did my first track day about 10 days ago down at Phillip Island, was possibly the best day of my life!

    Jumped on the bike for the first time since then today, and went I got home, I noticed the tyres have a blue line going through them - more on the rear then the front. I didn't have tyre warmers on the day, and I do understand it has something to do with heat cycles but thats as far as my knowledge goes..

    So what i wanted to know is if anyone can tell from the pictures... how bad are they, will they last another track day, or should they be changed? Thanks in advance guys!



    Not sure if pictures are coming up, may have to use this link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/88829691@N08/

    - Moderators if this is in the wrong place feel free to move...
  2. Stop running over smurfs.
  3. From the pics it looks like the front tyre is toast and the rear may have half a track day left in it. looks like you had a good day on them.
  4. Found this info:

    Bluing on rubber surface.

    The oils in the compound of the tire are simply flowing out of the tire. This action will happen regardless if it turns blue or not. It is always happening to some degree. Heat accelerates this process.

    The blue is not good or bad. Bluing is not a requirement, or unwanted. It just is.

    If the tire is made with more carbon and less oil, there might be less bluing possible. On the other hand if there is more oil and less carbon in the tire, you may see more bluing. Tires made with more oils have a higher potential for grip.

    Hope that helps (y)
  5. This is normal, a little of the oil in the compound seeps to the surface of the tire after its cooled down from copping a thrashing.

    Nothing to freak out about, it happens even with my slicks, warmers used as well. It'll scrub straight off next time you lean through a corner.

    There's plenty of meat on those, I'd recon they'd be fine for another day, however I'd suggest going to a more track oriented tyre, something that will give you some more grip and confidence to lay it over a bit more in the corners.

    I'm not suggesting slicks or DOT race tires, they are expensive, have limited heat cycles and need to be worked hard to get the most out of them.

    Maybe have a go with some Pirelli Super Corsas or similar, and save your current ones for using up on the road.

    If you are thinking of doing lots of track days, tyre warmers are an awesome investment, they do extend the life of the tyre. You can pick them up for only $300.

    Glad you enjoyed the track day, they are very very adictive!
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  6. I knew by the tyre indicator there was a bit left, but thank god! save me having to shell out some cash atm haha! Yeah was looking at getting the Pirelli Super Corsa's next after these burn out...

    Yeah I actually have looked into tyre warmers - leaning towards the "Emtek" range only due to price though... They're only $200 bucks which is great. Haha, track days are addictive... already booked in the next two, one at broadford and another at phillip island =D>

    Thanks for all the help guys!
  7. You could also go the Rosso Corsas, slightly more road biased than the super corsas, but still awesome grip.
  8. From kart racing a while back, tyres going blue is a sign they have been through enough heat cycles to lose suppleness and they will be past their best. The rubber will be a little harder and the best lap times will be behind them.

    Probably not too much of an issue for normal road riding though
  9. +1 for the Rosso Corsas, had them on my Z1000, they really communicate well and was able to get 5000K's out of the rear even though I thrashed them hard.
  10. Will definitely look into the corsas as well then when the times closer... any sponsor sites or anybody know a good place to get some tyres? Thanks guys!
  11. MMMTS .... great prices ( internet )

    Knows his tyres , awesome service and advice , even after hours and weekends
    also does fit/balance if you need .. and can come to you ...

    check him out in the vendors section , loyal NR member :)
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  12. Pm mmmts, see what deals he's got going, he'll come to you...
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  13. Holy shit!!! the last time I saw chicken strips like that Nando was running a 2-4-1 special...



    The bluing in this instance is nothing to be concerned about, but keep in mind that discolouration isn't an indication of the tyre's lifespan. Neither are wear indicators for the better part so ignore those.

    Tyres have a 'limited' number of heat cycles they can live with before performance drops off, and these are different between brands and styles. The way your bike is set up and your riding style has an influence but in this instance it's negligible so I'll skip that.

    To me the front looks like it's suffering from 'cold tear' which is an indication it was over inflated for a trackday. As a guide, drop your pressures to 30psi front and rear for a tracky.

    The rear shows signs of puckering but it's not as pronounced as normal. Again I'd say pressures.

    The combo together looks like you're off the gas tipping in until you're past the apex where you're easing out, otherwise we'd see cold tear on the rear as well.

    My guess is a Gixx600 running plus 2:20s around the island.

    The things to pay attention to in no particular order;
    an oily sheen rather than colour
    cracking inside the tread
    hardened off - difficult to push a thumbnail into
    scalloping - tyre has lost shape

    With your tyres above I'd scrub them back in like they were a new set and be on my merry way.

    p.s. once you've gone track, you can't go back.
  14. Depends what you're looking for. If you're looking for the best price shop around, if you're looking for the best service and advice head straight to www.sixtydegrees.com.au
  15. I had this happen to me on the Hornet with a DRC on the back on old road. was wondering what it was. thanks
  16. Those M5's didn't like the work out at the track much did they, I had three sets of Avon Ultra's tested at Winton and Broadford, the supersport and sport kind of ended up looking like those M5's.

    Some of the euro tyres just Don't work well here, especially at the track.

  17. Yeah these are the tyres that came with the bike when I got it at the start of the year... they haven't been so bad, on the track though I did feel a little all over the place but then I think that was also me haha! PM'd ya MMMTS, thanks for the referral Kitt and SammyA!