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Tyres going off? Wearing too fast?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Doggy, Jul 13, 2006.

  1. I've noticed that the front and rear tyres (Battleaxe's?) have very very fine cracks in them. I would assume that this means the tyre has gone off? When I got the bike about a year ago they were both newish tread wise, the back had some wear.

    Now after only 4000km's the front is still good and those cracks seem a lot smaller but the rear has worn down to the wear bars in the center. I mostly commute / tour so I don't really wear the sides too much. I figured that as I'm replacing the tyre (rear) I'd have a bit of fun with a burn out. I did a little one to start and noticed that I wasn't laying much rubber but there was heaps of fine black tyre "dust". The bike was sitting for about 6-10 months prior to my buying it. I have not noticed this cracking on any of my other bikes but then again none of them sat as long as this one either. The bike is 15,000km old (03).

    Q1: What tyre would be reccomended for touring / commuting on a budget?

    Q2: Tyre pressure for a GS 500 (about 183kg dry) with a 86kg (including gear :p )bloke on board.

    Q3: Expected life of the above reccomended tyre.

    Q4: Are the tyres on it now "Off"?
  2. If you're commuting, and want cheap, but good, Cheng Shin Barracudas are the go! I had some on my Z, and they last quite well, and grip surprisingly wel too. They have heaps of tread in teh middle of the tyre to, so life should be good.
    Nice tread pattern, so rain won't scare you too much. The Z weighed a little more than your bike, and I was running around 38 psi front and rear, but I weigh a bit more than you too!
    I think I paid around $120 delivered for my rear tyre (130/90/18).

    Cheng Shin have been making tyres for a long time, even though the name might sound dodgey.

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. I'd say those tires have definitely perished by the sounds of what you've described. Sitting for a long time can do that to tires. They struggle to get sticky when warm, and can be a real handful tractionwise when cold. Definetely time for a new set.
  4. Probably another set of Battlaxs - think there's definately something wrong with the ones you've got now. The Battlax's on my 250 have lasted 15,000kms so far and still have a little life left in them - and they weren't new when I bought the bike.
  5. Take it to your nearest bike tyre place and ask their advice.

    If you're in the clear, you have the advice of someone in the industry who has now seen them.

    If you aren't, then you're going to need a recommendation and quote for a new set anyway.

    I also have had Battleaxes highly recommended to me for my 250. It just doesn't need tyres yet :D
  6. Sounds like they are 2 years old? Definatly stuffed, anything over one year I would recomend replacing.

    Id get BT-45's, never had an issue with them on the ZZR250 and they lasted 12,000km
    For a little softer go BT-020
    (this is if they make these tyres suitable for your bike)

    But I like Bridgestone, so other brands might be good (but I dont care cause I will stick with Bridgestones :grin: )
  7. yeah tires will degrade if you dont use them - they will 'dry' out and crack also get a nice big flat spot in the tire if not kept of the ground.
    I had a problem with my old bike they cracked but thats also due to leaving it outside so rain a sun kinda ate them away.
    You know when you look at a push bike left outside too long the rubber starts to crack same thing as a bike IMO
  8. Yup, definately sounds like time for a new tyre. I'd recommend buying a good quality tyre rather than a cheaper options.

    I'd trust the mainstream tyre brands ie bridgestone BT-20s, Dunlop Sportmax GT501s or 208s, Michellins.

    You'd probably want a sports-touring tyre for the GS500.

    Pop into your mechanic and ask them, they'll be able to better inform you and help you make the right choice. Plus you might get a 10% defence discount. (I presume you're a raafie...)

    Most of the time, there are standard tyres that come with the bike. You might as well stick with them unless you go hard :)
  9. I wouldnt trust anything that had been sitting around that long
  10. 12,000km doesn't seem very durable to me - if I was going for a touring or sport-touring tyre, I'd be wanting a fair whack more than that.
  11. Check the manufacturing date stamp on the tyre!
    It'll be on the left hand side and will be 4 numbers. The first two numbers will be the week it was made, the last two will be the year.

    For example, 1202 means the 12th week in 2002 (March '02).
  12. 12,000k's is heaps for a motorcycle tyre, especially something designed to grip rather well.
    I'd be happy if I get 4000kms from a sticky road tyre.
  13. For a touring tyre? I got 12,000km from my last Pilot Power rear, and replaced it before it was right down to the markers. I'd expect a lot more if I switched to a Pilot Road or something even harder.
  14. How'd you manage to get 12,000km for a on tyre for a ZX-9??? I used to get that from my ZZR with GT501. Now I've got a BT14 on the firestorm - at the rate that's going, I wouldn't expect anymore than 6000km!
  15. if you live in a colder climate your better running a softer compound tyre as you will not get enough grip to feel confident.... it was 4deg this morning and I was scating on my bt45's.... what id give for the old 010's or 020's... o
  16. I really don't know - Koma agreed it was a little odd. I'm perplexed as to how people can wear them out in 4,000km! :shock:
  17. Gidday doggy,

    Sounds like you need new hoops mate! :eek:
    I would not ride on any tyre that looks perished or cracked & would not need to wait for an expert to tell me the same.
    I had Bridgestone BT 020's on my GSX1400 & I got 13,000km out of them.
    I didn't feel that they were that grippy or confidence inspiring though.
    Have just fitted a pair of Michelin pilot roads to her, & the difference is amazing- the bike now feels as though its superglued to the road- far grippier than the Bridgestones.
    Will report back on how the Pr's wear as my km's get higher. :grin:
  18. Thanks guys, yep sounds like they have gone off and replacement is in order. I'll keep the front for now as it does not seem anywhere near as bad as the rear but I'll replace the rear. I think I'll stick with the same Battleaxe as is on there for now at least until I change both at the same time. I've had them on my old ZZR, I ran those Chen Shin? on my enduro bike and they seemed to last ok for the type of riding I was doing.

    As for temp well it gets down to single figures but in summer it's high 30's sometimes low 40's here.
  19. New Hoops? Yep I think so too.

    I'll go and price the PP Roads today. The current tyre dosen't inspire confidence either. The rear is very loose around roundabouts etc but that could be the fact that the tyre is U/S and not the brand. I can't remember having the same problems with the ZZR and it had the same brand on it. But that was a while ago so the memory can fade a little.

    Now it's burnout time :wink: