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Tyres for Yahama XVS 650 Dragstar

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Rusti_GotRage, Oct 12, 2011.

  1. Hey folks,

    Noticed my front tyre looking a little sad yesterday, a friend who rides sports bikes confirmed that the nice folks with the blue/white check vehicles would probably consider it past its prime...and after 14250kms, I'm not surprised

    Any recommendations for where I can/should go (aside from the dealer) for a new front tyre, and more specifically, what should I replace it with? Another the same as currently on it, or are there recommendations for better tyres?

    As per the topic - I'm riding a 2010 Yamaha XVS 650 Custom (Dragstar)...

  2. Pablos.

    I run Metzler ME 880s.
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  3. Plus plus plus and yeah what Luke siad, Padlos worth the ride out Rusty and I had metz on the cruiser, served me well.
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  4. Kingpin got Pirelli's Rosso (something) delivered from the US (both for under $300 I think).

    PM him for details. He saved about $200 and is pretty happy with them. Sorry I dont have the correct information. Getting old & forgetful these days! :)
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    Where's Pablos? I'm always up for a good ride!
  6. Padlos is tyre fitters, just off ferntregully rd when you get off the monash, first right and Pablos on your right a hundred meters down.. ishh
  7. Thanks guys - just rang and spoke to Scott.

    Going to see him tomorrow after work for a new front tyre.

    He's talking either a Pirelli, or possibly a Metzler if he has one arrive in stock tomorrow.. Cost <$200 fitted!

  8. Pablos is good, i think it was around 350 for DECENT (metzler lazertec front, pirelli sport demon back) road tyres fitted to my DR650, and they even gave me plenty of tips and explained some stuff
  9. Cool. Mine might need to be replaced within the next few months as well so will get some feed back from you & Kingpin. :)
  10. I'd heard the best tyre for the XVS650 was either the Pirelli MT66 or the Metzler ME880.
  11. Also needing a front tyre. Useful information

    Thanks Guys.
  12. Try Bruce at MMTS. He can do these cheaper than most dealers, and will come to you if needed.
    Check the business providers thread. He can't fit rear tyres to many cruisers, but he can still get them cheap if you have someone else that can fit them for you.
  13. I've got a Metzler on the front of mine. No complaints here.

    Rear is a Bridgestone which is just about due for replacement.