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Tyres for Triumph ST (2009)

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Naked_One, May 4, 2010.

  1. All,

    Has anyone had experience with buying tyres for a newish Trump ST? My cousin has had some serious handling issues which we believe are at least partially attributed to tyres (although possibly only the set on his bike).

    The bike is used for (country) commuting and weekend blasts (he thinks its a sports bike). Appreciating that its not a pure sports bike he would appreciate any suggestions on what might suit. Cost is not a consideration so he's considering Pirelli Rosso's.
    Cheers, AJ
  2. I'm currently using Dunlop Roadsmarts on mine, which are a vast improvement over the stock Bridgestones.
  3. I couldn’t comment specifically for the ST, but for that sort of riding I find Michelin Pilot Road 2s are a pretty good tire.
  4. What kind of tyres is he currently using, that may be causing the problem?
    Michy Powers were great on my S3.
  5. Pilot Road 2's for a tourer with sporty ambitions............... nuff said (wink)
  6. I run these on the big tona. Good choice.

    The other thing I've noticed about my bike it is very sensitive to tyre pressure. This family have more weight rearward than most modern bikes.

    I run 40psi + on the rear which is getting up there for large tyres. I definitely notice when it gets down round 38. (36 front btw)
  7. Appreciate all the feedback; Ill be sure to pass it on. You never know I might even get him to join up (a novel idea I know).

    As stock the ST runs Bridgestone 020's. I know people who have run these on ZX10's without issue so it could be just the specific tyres on his bike.
    Im running 015's and cant complain but my bike is a little different to an ST. The other thought I had was that potentially the bike was setup for carrying pillion/luggage and the back is set up too light as a result? The dealer basically fobbed him off as 'riding the bike beyond its capabilities' however as before he was way quicker on the 955i. In honesty I didnt ask what pressure he was running but can confirm he was running manufacturer spec whatever that is.
    Ill certainly pass all your comments across tonight.