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Tyres for the lightcycle

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Takamii, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. Okay my lightcycle (2004 r1) needs new tyres

    I had pilot power 2ct on them which I have managed to square of a little bit as I dont spend enough time taking corners

    So as I am not an expert on tyres but rather helmets and kevlar jeans I am asking for peoples advice on the tyre

    my riding style is sedate - I really dont go hard every where at 50 degree plus leans

    so i guess a 2 compound tyre is best for me still

    suggestions ?
  2. if you squared the pilot tower 2ct too much then go pilot road 2 i reckon.
  3. I'd suggest you bought the wrong bike. But, like I can talk. I have sports tyres on my dirt bike.
  4. You'll only get PR2 as long as stocks remain as they've been superseeded with the PR3 which are still very good tyres and it seems better in the wet than the PR2
  5. the pr3 seems to have had odd failures. pr2 is a solid performer in my eyes.
  6. I had Metezler Z8's on my old R1.
    Excellent tyres and I ride much like yourself most of the time.

    They aren't dual compound, but they use hoops to make them harder in the middle and softer on the sides, so there is no compound change mid corner.
    They were also on track to last longer than the Pilot Powers that I had on them previously.

    After 3 or 4 thousand k's they still looked great with no signs of wear other than the nobbly bits missing from the sides of the tyres.
  7. I have been told the same by others as well about the metzlers
  8. yea i run Metzeler M5's and I rate them. I feel very comfortable on them in the dry or wet.