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Tyres for my R1

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by something_wild, Jun 23, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, so my Mich. Pilot Powers are coming to the end of their life and wanting some feedback from other sportsbike riders on potential tyre choices.

    Now for around the same price, i can get another set of Mich. Pilot Powers, or Dunlop Sportmax Qualifiers, Dunlop Sportmax Q2, or Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa.

    My riding is all recreation, so no commuting. Therefore, i don't need a super hard compound tyre. But having said that, more often than not, I'm upright rather than leaning (although in time, I'm planning on doing some superbike school to learn correct cornering techniques etc...rather not 'practice' on the street).
    Preferably i need something quite sticky, that doesn't take 'too' long to warm up, and that won't wear through the middle too quickly. LOL that isn't asking too much is it?? ;)

    Any advice would be appreciated, and happy to expand my list if you think there's a more suitable tyre brand/profile :)
  2. So all you want is the perfect tyre?
    All I want is perfect winding country roads with no cops or Commodores.

    I can't remember what was on the TL when I got it, but Pilot Road 3s now and they are the shit! Getting a little rough around the edges so they might not like your plan of superbike school too much, but for sure as an all rounder.
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  3. On my R1 I have michelin pilot road 3 tyres and they are the first tyre to install confidence in me - in other words they are the first ones I put my trust in.

    I havent used them in the wet but reports are they are awesome

    They are a two compund tyre - soft on the edge 25% and hard in the middle 50 %

    In the USA guys on youtube are reporting getting 16,000kms upright freeway miles before the tyre squares off

    whatever you choose contact our netrider member MMTS who is a tyre specialist in Melbourne and actually comes to you to fit the tyres and give him a chance to quote for you

    support those that support this forum
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  4. Id say the road pilot`s ,They are good to the point of insane road riding . But we all know the R1 can go way beyond insane. Perelli if you really want to stick to the roads at stupid speeds
  5. I've just taken the Corsa's off my bike. Absolutely diabolical in the wet!!!
    Would spin up @ 90km on the freeway!!!!!
    Pirelli's also don't have the tread all the way to the sidewall, crank it over & you're on slicks.
    Great track day tyre though.
    Gone back to Michelin Pilot Power 2's. Love 'em. found them to be a great all rounder.
    Got caught in the Xmas downpour in Melbourne with no problems.
    Having said that, heard nothing but good reports about the Pilot road 3's
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  6. Ah ok, now I'm confused lol.
    Seems as though netriders are Michelin fans, and the R1 forum guys are Dunlop Q2 fans.
    Appreciate the feedback so far!
  7. I had dunlop q2 and low sided at 25kph turning right at an intersection where i had been stopped waiting for the light to go green because the tyres were cold and the road was cold

    the rear tyre just gave way and slid the bike out from under me

    I hate dunlops with a passion -- I warn against them because they are only good when warmed up

    I recommend you do a read of the following thread about tyres
  8. If your getting into sports riding michillions are ok, they're pretty good in cool conditions and in the wet, they last pretty well. But once you get to a certain point they become crap. I ran pilot powers for years and enjoyed them. I got faster and faster then kinda platoued. I switch to some top of the line pirellis and my ridding went through the roof instantly, I never looked back! But wear, cold and wet performance went out the window. If I started on the pirellis I probably would've crashed. That's why it's important to be honest about your riding skill and purpose and pick a tyre that suits it and re-evalutate it each time you buy a pair.
  9. I have to admit I used to be on the michie bandwagon until I tried something new and realised that there were other makes out there that made great Tyres.
    Loved the Metzeler M5 as a road tyre. Did superbike school and 2 trackdays on them and still got heaps of klms out of them. Great in the wet. Good wear.

    I then tried the Dunlop alpha 11s and they were very confidence inspiring. Wear wasn't as good but god they were nice and sticky.

    Dunlop sportsmarts are what I am currently using on my Daytona and I like them a lot! Have done a trackday and road riding on them and in either situation they are confidence inspiring. Good grip and wear so far.
    You should try them!
  10. dunlop sportsmart is a great street tyre for performance riding with good wear rates and a good shape for grip at high leans.
  11. Great read Takamii.....appreciate the link!
  12. Metzler M5s are the best all round tyre available.pilot roads are not in the same level,Q2s are fine for the twisties when its dry and you are keeping them warm but they dont last long if you are givivng them a hard time,ok in the wet but the M5s again are a better tyre.
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  13. +1 to the Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa's - They stick to the road great with my R1.
  14. I had Supercorsa pro's on my 675, those tyres of that bike made it handle like nothing ive ever rider before, so precise and stuck like glue. They took a while to warm up though, you could easily feel the difference in performance, so the first 5 min you'd take it easy, then BAM you knew she was a new beast with those things warm. Mind you i only got 7000k out of em, and after one ride over the twisties you could see the tyre streading, though the bike stuck like glue and never, ever slipped, period.

    I then put Diablo Rosso's on, and wow what a difference that made, the bike was way more friendly on a lean, just didnt DROP into corners like supercorsa's, i found them better because i could control the bike's lean angles easier, and make adjustments mid lean to take the best line. Though with anything like that there is a downside, i noticed she would spin and slip a little, something that didnt inspire much confidence mid corner when it starts to slip a little... though that could have been my riding. Generally though for my riding the diablo rosso's were much friendlier and helped me tame the best. For a sport rider soley looking for grip, wow man you cant go past the supercorsa pro's