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Tyres for cruiser

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Bronzewing, Sep 6, 2009.

  1. I'm just about due for new tyres for my cruiser. Any recommendations ? I did a search but could'nt find what other cruiser riders use. I'm looking for long wearing deep tread types if they exist. There must be something out there with the middle of the tyre long wearing. I've worn out the middle, way before the edges. (more straights than corners ! )

  2. After shedding the std dunlops on my 109, I decided to try Metzeler tyres.

    The mE880 is a much better tyre, although I only seem to get about 9000 klms from the rear. Front is good for 20,000 klm.
    Also comes in 240, 260, 260, and 300 widths!. Stock is 240, I chose the 260. 300 requires a wider swingarm.
    At about $400 a rear tyre, they are not cheap, but the roadholding is a big improvement over the dunny, and the profile is more rounded, so gives more confidence when cornering.

    ME880 for me!.
  3. That's because of all the burnouts you've been doing mate - no fault of the tyre itself :p

    +1 for the ME880's. I'm getting much better mileage from mine than from the stock Bridgestones or the Dunlops that followed them. They're supposed to be a longer wearing tyre, and provide better grip and I'm certainly getting both with my bike.
  4. If you can get tires to fit then I'd recommend Avon.

    Always gave me the utmost confidence in the wet and worked perfectly in the dry. I've got Metzeler at the moment but will change them before next Winter.
  5. [quote="BluesuedeThat's because of all the burnouts you've been doing mate - no fault of the tyre itself :p


    No officer - I didnt cause that cloud of smoke - it was the other guy - the guy that disapeared while the smoke was blocking your vision.

    If you do a lot of burnouts on the ME880, they last 4000 or less.

    Most of my wear is on the side of the tyre
  6. Anyone tried Kenda's ?
  7. +1 the metzellers, changes the ride and handling for the better, cornering improves immensly.
  8. Hi all, I'm in the same boat at the moment for my Suzuki Boulevard M50 08 mod and just clocked over 13500km on the factory tyres and that is in over 12mths, just got some prices on a few and there were: And I'm not sure what the factory tyres are, I've got a feeling they're a foreign brand of Dunlop's.

    Michelin Commander $460
    Dunlop D404 $430
    Metzeler Marathon $490

    I'm not really worried about money but this bike is all new to me and not sure what brand of tyre is going to give me good grip in the wet and good wear v's kms and also has that fat front tyre, different to any other cruiser.

    If anyone that give can me info on what to stay away from, and from experience what to go for. And also I ride long distances at times and do alot of mountain riding eg: Kangaroo Valley, Macquarie Pass, NSW.

  9. I am sure plenty of people have tried a car tyre on a cruiser, but I am not sure I want to do what plenty of people do.

    If you do a search, there are plenty of good reasons why this is suspect.
    The one solid reason why it is done is $$$.

    I use the sides of my tyres up before the middle, so it may cause some problems for me.

    But each to their own! I use an 1800 for commuting, that isnt logical either!.
  10. try IRC Wild Flares. I have got them on my M50. 15000 klms and about 2000 - 3000 left on the back. heaps on the front. a mate of mine just put them on his C50 and is happy

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  11. Thanks for that reply and they look cool and how are those tyres in the wet? It's a bit daunting putting trust in new tyres you've never dealt with before. And just thinking I think that's the brand I have on my bike now. So where do I find these Wild Flares?

  12. Thats a brand I've not heard of before. Ditto to Michaelas question. Where do ya get 'em ?
  13. Had IRC's on my C50 from new, although not the Wild Flares, find the Metzellers handle better and give me more confidence in corners etc.
  14. I got mine from Kawasaki Newcastle. If your local shop can't get them, try this website http://www.racewear.com.au/product/subcategory.cgi?sc=22 I think they are in Wollongong
  15. I found that website too and I can go and pick them up when I've ordered some. So I'm keen to get a set for my bike now and they'll set me back $294 for my bike and thanks dingm50.