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Tyres for 400?

Discussion in 'Tyres' at netrider.net.au started by robeel, Aug 16, 2013.

  1. hey guys, i think i have a hole in my rear or cracked valve stem as i'm dropping 15-20psi in a week. Tyres are 4 years old anyway so need new ones & want to try something better as these gpr100's came on the bike & never had a lot of confidence in them.

    would like some with excellent grip in both dry/wet & warm up fast. the bike is used mainly to get around as it's my only transport at the moment, will be getting out on some twisty roads more often though. bike is usually ridden hard, as the 400 needs to be to get the best out of it.

    I'm leaning towards the S20's as i've read good reviews & can get them for around 300 from the US.
    will these be alright? tyre size is 120/60/17 & 150/60/17 but i think 160's will fit too.

    what tyres do you guys reccomend? & how important is it to get h rated tyres for smaller bikes?

    anywhere in sydney (i'm in ryde/eastwood area) that do good deals?

    also anyone use right angle valves? worth getting & which ones?

  2. BT023's or Pirelli sport demons, both under 300 from the US etc really the only options for both.
    Alternatively Pilot road 2cts/3's are a good option but tracking down the sizes is hard.

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    An S20 is way way way better than the sport demons and will be grippier than the BT023 which is a sports touring tyre and the s20 is a hypersport tyre. They may wear slightly faster but it's only a 400. The difference between a Sport Demon and an S20 is absolutely night and day. Bias ply tyres (such as a sport demon) - throw that shit out. You're lucky you got the RVF and aren't stuck with weird tyre sizes like my mates VFR. Grab the S20's and you wont regret it.

    The right hand valves are good for dual disc fronts such as your bike - I don't think they really provide any noticeable difference in tyre pressure leak. They main benefit is it's just a hell of a lot easier to get the air hose connected without contorting your hand and bending the hose. With the standard valves and 320mm rotors it was a massive hassle to check the front tyre's pressure.

    As for getting them fitted, check out Balmain Motorcycle Tyres:


    Disclaimer: Have run a set of sport demons on a 250 Bandit and a set of s20's on my GS. The S20's are so far ahead in every way and I'm pretty sure they could even be cheaper as well
  4. Have a chat with Unconnected, he's done a heap of k's on his 400 and may have some decent first hand experience to pass on.

    Consider seeing who else needs a set and order at the same time to save on shipping, well worth it. We ordered from Jake Wilson on a Wednesday and they turned up the following Wednesday.

    I'd go for right hand valves definitely. Makes life a lot easier. We also got the 'stumpy' tyre removers, a hard acrylic plastic that doesn't damage the rims and removed/fitted ourselves.
  5. thanks for the help guys.

    tyres i was interested in were the s20, m5, pp3/pr3 & sportsmarts but think i'll go with the s20 as the reviews are good & can get it in the 150 rear.

    Toadcat, how many km's did you get from the s20's? & how were they in the wet?

    will prob grab these http://www.bikebiz.com.au/products/La-Corsa-Tubeless-Right-Angle-Valve-Stems.html

    If anyone in sydney close by needs tyres let me know asap & we can split shipping?

    btw is it dangerous to ride with my rear tyre leaking air? i need to fill it every few days or it will go flat. pretty sure it's a thin nail but could be the stem too. I'll need to ride it to have the tyres fitted too, hopefully can find a place not too far. need to get some stands!
  6. Well my advice is only applicable to my bike as it runs such weird sized wheels, 16f 18 rear both really thin, i dont even get a choice in tyres so i have no real advice to give as i just replace them with the same kind each year.

    But for an RVF, i can give some advice as my good mate rides one, i would go for the S20 probably, you can fit 160 rears on RVF's as well and clearance is still ok, so you can move up to crazy grippy super sport tyres.

    I wouldnt get sport demons or bt23 or any non radial tyre unless you have literally no other option, which you dont have, so dont buy them. For me sport demons are my only option and its not the best situation to be in. Hopefully they dont stop making them or im fcuked.
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    The rear got a nail in it at about 8-10,000km (I'll check the receipts when I get back from uni for the exact kms) but it was well and truly squared off by then and I was going to get rid of it shortly anyway. Just keep in mind that they will do the same if you do long trips in straight lines or on crappy roads at high speed (e.g. Thunderbolt's Way) but if it's a weekend bike you will probably avoid this. The front is still on the bike and has a Pirelli Angel on theback now.

    The only issue is that there is a strange line that developed in BOTH tyres slightly off centre as they wear down. I have no idea what it is and it hasn't seemed to cause any issues. It's not like the Pirelli's infamous metal belt showing up in like 200kms of wear past the tread bottom though :\ I'll put a photo of the front's line up when I get home.

    They are fine in the wet - not as good as a Sport Touring tyre but perfectly acceptable if you have any sort of throttle control.

    The main issue is just getting them up to temperature when cold - keep the right hand smooth and restrained for a few k's especially when coming out of corners/roundabouts.

    But holy shit do they grip in the twisties when nice and warm.

    I've also got that exact set of La Corsa RA valves in sexy blue. They're as good as I need them to be? Just make sure you DO NOT LOSE THE VALVE CAPS!
  8. If your going to keep it for a while i would look out for some RVF wheels & just raise the rear.

    Does your mate have a 160 on the rear? & does it effect the ride/handling at all?

    I would like a wider rear but some say it effects the bike & should stick with a 150 rear, while others say it doesn't make a difference.
  9. I had a 160 rear on my gs500 and went to a 150 and prefer the narrower tyre much more, the difference in handling was noticeable

    I've noticed that different tyre manufacturers differ in the width of their tyres - the Pirelli Rosso II's did not scrub in 150 but did in 160, whereas the S20's scrubbed even as a 150.

  10. 8-10k kms, that's good for a sport tyre. I'll be happy with about 7k, have read some guys get a lot less but they should last alright on the 400.

    I thought they warmed up fast, well that's what i read & was what i really liked as a lot of times i go for short rides. Most tyres would take a few k's to warm up though & should be good for the hotter months.

    Can't wait to get some new sticky rubber, had these gpr100 on since i bought the bike a while ago.

    btw what psi were you using for the S20's?

    Also anyone know some places in Sydney that fit tyres for a decent price? how much?

    have read most places don't like doing it if they don't sell the tyres so rip you off.

  11. thanks, will go with standard 150.

    yeh i've read different brands having different widths.
    btw what is the standard rear size on the GS500?
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    Just double checked the receipts - it actually only got 7,000 out of the rear. By then it was well and truly fcuked as well - not very good for riding twisties as it had squared off badly. For the PSI I run 40psi rear and 33-34 front but I'd try a few different pressures before settling - we have different bikes and it will make whatever pressures I'm using almost irrelevant

    Not sure, I think it's a 130 but my bike has different wheels on it. I would double and triple check clearance on the RVF due to the SSS
  13. Note, 160 have been known to scrub on the chain guard for RVF/VFRs running either 17 or 18" rear. Best to stick with 150s if you want no issues.

    If you remove the chain guard or space the rear out a little (making it slightly off centre) you can fit the 160, but you will be playing with the geometry a little with spacing.

    There are people running VFR750 and Ducati rims (with suitable hubs) that run a wider tyre profile, not sure how that works, but the tyre choices are much better!
  14. My mate runs stock wheels and a tyga chain guard (this might make the difference) he likes the 160 rear a lot more than the 150 because it provides more grip, he rode his bike at a level i am not willing to even hint at on netrider and said 160 was the best option. Unless your main use of the bike is getting your knees down all weekend i personally would save the money and go 150 also in my personal opinion wider tires are not always better, which is why even though i have access to the swingarm and wheel of an RVF that i could put on, im not going too, unless Pirelli stops making my tires.

    I would say, if your mostly a sports rider and you really use all of a 150 tire, go up to the 160 and fit rear sets.