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Tyres for 1200 Bandits

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by DeeCubed, Jun 13, 2008.

  1. My 1200 Bandit is due for a 12Km service in a fortnight and I'm also due for some new rubber particularly after my recent foot-peg-sharpening-track-day-stuff :LOL: . Currently I'm running the Dunlop 218, the original spec' for the Bandit and they seem fine :cool: but you can always do better right :?:

    Now Bravus, 2Wheelsagain and I have been discussing the various options. Bravus is using Battlax and is happy with ‘em. 2Wheels’ is using the Dunlop 218’s and is happy with ‘em, but might have a crack at the Pilot Roads when he’s ready for a change. My Suzuki dealer also suggested having a go with the Pilot Roads.

    What about the other Banditos…what are you guys using and how are you finding ‘em?

  2. You've got to be careful with tyres on the Bandit - the wrong profile makes them handle like a bag of arse. I'd suggest something with a high crown, especially on the front. In my recent experience I think Bridgestone are making great tyres with good steering profiles for big, heavy bikes. Their sports stuff seems to steer faster than Pirelli or Michelin and offer great feel on the side. Certainly a shitload better than any dunnies I've owned.

    If the treads match up, I'd be looking at a BT021 on the rear and a BT016 on the front, or a pair of either if you want to bias for more grip or more life.
  3. I used to run Bridgestone on my Bandit's and they work pretty well but the last set of tyres I put on were Michelin Pilot Road 2's.

    They seem to work every bit as well as the Bridgey's on the Bandit.

    Have to agree about the Dunlops, they make the bike stand up in corners... profile doesn't suit.

    An opinion of them here... http://www.webbikeworld.com/Motorcycle-tires/michelin-pilot-road-2/
  4. From my first impresions new dunlop roadsmarts are worth a go.I normally hate dunlops and have been running metzsler m3s for the last 4 sets on my zx9.After a mate recommended me to try these i decieded to follow his advise.I havent had them on for long but i can assure you the grip is good,and going on the ks that my mate has got out of them 5000 with probably another 5000 to go on a zrx12 that gets pushed pretty hard give them a go :grin:
  5. Yeah, I'm currently on BT54s both ends, which are more of a sports-touring tyre, but given that I really don't push it that hard they're fine for the time being. Next change I might go for something a bit stickier, but I hear what Loz is saying. Any experience out there with Metzeler M3s on a Bandit, since people seem to rave about them in general?
  6. M3s are a great tyre and very predictable they will wear better than pilot powers.With my first set i got 8000 ks which is 3000 ks better than i ever got out of powers but the more sets i went through the ks started dropping mainly because i got more and more confident with them and just kept pushing them harder and harder.I found myself wearing out a front at the same time as the rear and finally got only 6000 out of a set.So that has got to be an example of the confidence that these tyres will instil in a rider.As previously mentioned i am giving the new roadsmarts arun,yeah they take a bit more effort to tip in than the m3s but so far the grip seems pretty equal.If the milage on the roadsmarts arnt any better than the metzlers then the m3s will be going straight back on :grin:
  7. If those tyres done you well, i'd be inclined to get another set of them as you r used to the way they work
  8. I hear you M8. I'm really pleased to hear the ideas coming in from Z900,
    Bravus, ZRX, and Loz though.
  9. So, you gonna get a set of M3s and tell me how they go so I know if I want them? ;)
  10. Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his rubber for the life of his friends.
  11. No mate, get the Pilots and tell me how they go :grin:
    Can you post a pic of your 12000k rear tyre. I'd like to compare it to my 6000k rear.
  12. I've got it, why don't you guys bid for the testing rights. bidding starts at say 5% of the purchase price of the tyres that you want me to test :cool:
    Will have a go later.
  13. Have you forgotten this post?
  14. If your talking pilot road 2s problem is the fronts are shite,most people i know run a power on the front with a road on the rear.Although the profiles are not a good match.Both the m3s and the roadsmarts are a better tyre :grin:
  15. Pilots seem to have a flattish front profile that makes them slow to steer. Plus, the powers chew themselves up in no time at all.
  16. Is it not also written that "the Devil can cite scripture for his purpose". :)

    To clear up the mileage, I bought the bike at 6,000Km, and I've put about 5,500Km on it. The tyres looked v. good when I bought the bike and I've yet to do a tyre change. My riding profile is mainly commuting, with a monthly track day at which i get the bike over far enough to sharpen the pegs. Re the Pilot Powers I've heard them described as: "a great all-rounder that works well on road & track. Ultra-fast warm-up very good grip in both wet & dry conditions, and very long-lasting."
    See below :) :



  17. Let's put it this way. My last 5 sets of tyres have been shagged race tyres, the stickiest stuff out there, supercorsas, BT002s, that sort of thing. I get at least 6,000km out of front and rear before they're clearly illegal.

    The last set of Pilot Powers I had were showing *canvas* at 4500km. Not 400km of commuting or wheelie practice either, most of those Ks were done on a tour to Adelaide through all the twisty roads in between.

    Fair go, I wasn't going easy on them, but I can tell you the stuff I'm using now is a lot stickier and I'm still giving it hell, and it's lasting as much as 50% longer than Pilot Powers. That's why Michelin get no lip or wallet service from me.
  18. Fair play to you Loz. Do you use 'em in the wet as well or is there not enough tread for that?

    'Kin 'ell :shock: . That doesn't sound so promising! Have you had a go with the Pilot Roads? Are they likely to be any different? ZRX is on 'em and 2Wheels' wants 'em. :)

    Are these the "shagged out" tyres or the Bridgestones?
  19. 1) Yes I ride in all weather. In the cold and wet, I make sure I warm the tyres up before any shenanigans. In fact I warm them up in the dry too, they're race tyres after all. I can spin up the rear if I try when it's wet, and they'll spin rather than wheelie the first few attempts on a wet night. Other than deliberate light-ups and wheelie attempts I haven't had a slide out of them in the wet. Not that I've really flogged them in the corners.

    2) I had a pair of Pilot Roads once ages ago, didn't like the way they handled. I've only ridden Road 2CTs on other peoples' bikes, so I haven't tested them really. I do know that Stewy got a lot more slides out of his Road 2CTs than he's getting out of his current supercorsas.

    3) All my tyres in the last 18 months or so have been pre-race shagged, including supercorsa pros, qualifiers (faeces) and my favourites the BT-002s. I run them at high pressure (38 and 42) which reduces grip levels slightly because it doesn't let them get so hot. On thrashes this figure goes to 34 and 38, and it's 30 and 30 on trackdays. I regularly test the limit of traction on the front tyre doing stoppies etc, and proper stickies outbrake anything else I've used. And yeah, they seem to last longer than Pilot Powers. 4500km out of the rear and the front was scalloped to uselessness by about 7000km.