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Tyres - Continental TKC80

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' started by lil, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. We've had these on the KLR for a couple of thousand kays, now, and are very happy with them :) Good grip on the road, even in the wet, not too much vibe through the bars and good in dirt. Obviously, we are not going seriously off road, but they do well on some of the steep, rutted tracks out the back of our place. Happy going over logs (good traction) and handles snow well.

    We're only beginners, but enjoying get out in it when we can :grin: :cool:

    Conti TKC80s
  2. Have them on my Weestrom and would fully support your comments.

    I find them very capable on the sealed stuff even to the point of allowing peg scraping on some of my more favoured pieces of local road. The rear will slide however under power when exiting tight corners (ie. intersections) if at high lean, but nothing untoward or dangerous, high lean. Mind you, in the wet they will slip/slide easily due more to their knobby pattern as opposed to any failing of the tyre (front will get twitchy over changes in surface texture).

    In the dirt, well I find them excellent and very confidence inspiring. They have allowed me to climb a few hills with ease that would have been a struggle with the standard tyres. They will 'clog' in wet/muddy conditions but most knobby tyres will do.

    All up I find them an excellent tyre and have gotten decent wear so far (9k on rear/12k on front) but am aware that on larger bikes the wear is much worse.

    The only downside is the cost whcih for my Weestrom is near $500 per set, but in honesty I see it as good value given teh extra stability the tyre provides in off-road situations (where most of my riding is done). If most riding was to be done on sealed roads I would likely look at a different tyre altogether.

  3. How much does a set of the TKC's set you back Lil?
  4. I can't remember exactly, but they were fairly expensive....maybe around $380 for the pair????? I'll have to ask Jay when he gets home....
  5. Whoa! Lots of money for dirt tyres...knew I bought Kendas for a reason!

    We need a tightass emoticon!

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. I know the question isn't directed at me but for comparison, a full set costs me around the $500 mark (from memory $225/$275 front/rear).

    Keep in mind that this is to suit a Weestrom (110 front/150 rear from memory) but still, they sure as the proverbial bat poo aren't cheap.

    That said though, as a rider with no prior dirt experience I believe them well worth the money, but when I end up with another dirt bike I will go another knobby tyre.

  7. Pffft. My bike would see off a set of those Kendas (well a rear anyway) in under 1000kms. Sometimes cheap is expensive bloke :wink: :wink:
    I've had the best run so far with a set of Pirelli MT21's but I might have to give the TKC's a run. Thanks people :)
  8. Odd, they're getting 15k miles out of them on KLR's..........

    Regards, Andrew.
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