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Tyres - Cheng Shin Barracuda - VTR250

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by rdkls, Jul 15, 2009.

  1. Looking at new tyres for the VTR250
    Had Bridgestone Battlax BT45 on previous one, and they were great for what I do (commute/wet/weekend twisties)
    Will likely get them again.

    Just looking around however, found mention of Cheng Shin Barracudas from ADVrider, they seem to be similar (good all-rounder, dual compound).
    And apparently cheap.

    Anybody have experience with these?
    Any other recommendations for something like the BT45s?

  2. I'd be fitting tires I had confidence in and for a bike price is the last of my priorities.
    Have a serious think before going away from the "known" brands.
  3. RDKLS, apart from sounding ridiculous they probably offer the grip of oily glass.
  4. I don't know about Motorcycles but they are a pretty good pushbike tyre manufacturer under that name. and they are also Maxxis who I think sponsor or supply to one of the national superbike comps so they can't be all bad...
  5. +1 Chris!

    The answer lies within :wink:
  6. Hm, fear of the unconventional hey.
    Thanks for the tips on method but I'm willing to give them a shot if research shows they would probably be ok.
    I'm looking for first-hand experience or evidence, not speculation.

    Which reminds me, been a while since I posted in the oil controversy thread :LOL:

    Perhaps I should get the Cheng Shin front,
    a Kenda golf cart tyre on the rear
    then start my very own "tyre controversy" thread :LOL:

    other tyres i'm looking at are
    - michelin pilot power or activ
    - pirelli sport demon (set on ebay for cheap) (though I read they're "fractionally better than arrowmax")

    On the Cheng Shins, these quotes from ADVrider:

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  8. :roll:
    That's GREAT, lets hope you don't need to 'downgrade' to these tyres if they prove to be a 'bad' idea.
    I have no idea how good/bad their motorcycle tyres are, so my opinion is an un-educated one. They may be fine, but I would not be willing to take the gamble and prefer to stick to 'known', 'proven' brands.
    Good Luck
  9. If what I read on the internets is true, they look like what I'm after, for a good price.
    They're partnered with Bob Jane, might give them a call and enquire.
    If I do, I'll be sure to post back with my experience.
  10. I've owned and used them for 10,000km. Never again.

    They're F*n AWFUL.

    They're cheap and they will last, but you will almost certainly fall off.

    Go buy some Dunlops or something. The $20 you spend in upgrading
    will be more than offset by no injuries and no repairs needed to your bike.

    Cheng Shin Barracuda are the only tyres I've ever been
    able to do a burnout with on a Virago 250(!), and that was
    cruising along at 90km/h on a flat road,
    it started to rain and suddenly the bike was sliding everywhere.
    (No the tyres weren't bald at the time, either).

    I didn't fall off that time, but I did fall off before and after due to the
    tyres lack of grip.
    When I put different tyres on it was heaps better.
  11. wow that's pretty damning
    apparently they don't make them in the size i want anyway ....
    so looking at dunlop grpa10s now ....
  12. Out of interest what price have you got on the BT45? I didn't think they were known to be all that expensive.

  13. Yep I think the bt45s are pretty good value, the set was around $350 fitted from memory.

    I haven't got a price on them this time round because apparently bob jane and bridgestone aren't getting on well atm, and the local place don't stock them.

    I'm still tossing up whether to shell out for GPRA10s (apparently ca. $420 fitted) or go the BT45s.
    Another option would be Michelin Pilot Activs, apparently ca. $340 fitted
  14. Where abouts in Melbourne are you as I have quite a few contacts in the tyre industry and may be able to help.

  15. Kazz has conti road attacks on her vtr and loves them :wink:
  16. Dunlop GPRa10's are freaking awesome. had them on the last VTR i wrote off. stuck like shit to your boot, felt great, and no smell :p i had sooo much more confidence in leaning the bike over, and further than i had before, they gave me more to play with, as i'd reached the edge of the BT045's.

    only downside is the lack of km you will get out of them, im guessing around 5000 out of a rear, maybe 8-10000 on the front. and they're a tax exxy for 250 tyres.

    but im still getting them once i wear down the Pilot Activ's i've got on now :grin: these are also good tyres, i'd put them in between the BT045 and GPRa10 regarding grip.

    happy hunting!
  17. Hey Al thanks for the offer, I'll definitely get in touch next time the bike's due. I'm actually not far from Berwick, in Bonbeach.
    I've teed up to get grpa10s at PS Dandenong on Saturday, $430 fitted.
    (they had probs getting in the BT45 rear apparently, and it will be really interesting to give something pretty sporty a shot)
  18. Was wondering what you got Nibor, good to get a report on the pilot activs
  19. conti look quite good but they are pricing themselves out of the game.

    im going to give shinkos a go for my next ones.

    an 005 rear and either an 005 or 003 (the softest) front.