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Tyres - BT21 compared with BT20

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by donst4s, Dec 29, 2007.

  1. wondering if anyone has had good experience going from Bridgestone BT20 to BT21?

    is there much differences other than tread pattern?

    thanks for any advice

  2. I've used three BT-020s on the rear of the Hornet, so I'm a confirmed enthusiast. My most recent change was to a BT-021, but moving house, rainy weather and a million other things have conspired to limit my riding of late, so I have no 'seat of the pants' comparison to offer, either in terms of feel or course, of wear. Tread pattern is the same, however.
  3. The BT 021's come stock on the 1400GTR and although a reasonable tyre I am convinced its them letting go under hard layed over cornering under power. The front has moved a couple of times. I have 9000klms on my own and they look good for a couple thou more.

    These ones that I just did Perth (this one belongs to Kawa Aust) and back on last week are shot although not clear in pics at 11,000klms of highway running. Front gets tappered off because of the camber of the road.


  4. No it's not.
  5. My bike came with OEM 020's and I wasn't expecting much from them but I’ve been pleasantly surprised. They offer excellent grip in the dry, as for the wet I’m not sure as I haven’t done much riding in the rain. I’m considering going from an 020 to 021 when they require replacement.

    Here’s a post from another forum
    “Just rode a 160 mile ride today up and around Palomar Mountain. Lots of twisty, fast, as well as tight and low speed turns. A big nail recently made me replace my stock rear (BT-020) with a new 021 and there is a noticeable difference. The bike just felt much more stable and planted. It made for a secure and faster ride. Once I got home, I could see the difference in the rubber compounds as the center looked normal, but the sides has that scuffed, rough surface that I've seen on ultra sticky tires. My old 020 never showed that type of wear. I guess the softer rubber on the sides really works. We'll see about longevity, but at least for now I am very impressed. I'm thinking of going ahead and changing the front."

    The 021 has a dual compound rear. More 021 info here http://www.battlax.co.uk/battlax-bt-021/
  6. Wow - quick feedback and I appreciate it

    My reason for the question is that I currently have BT020 front & rear, its now time for replacement. I have always loved the rears performance but have not felt the same about the front.

    Might be just me as I am a long way from being any sort of expert, but I have felt from new that the 020 front just didnt give me a good feeling (profile or pattern is my thinking) and it also seems to have just become harder and harder as it got older?

    Reading the info that you have shown me, it seems there has been much engineeering development between 020 & 021 - especially with many changes to the front tyre profile, compound & pattern. with that, this will be enough for me to give the 021 a run.

    Hope I achieve a more planted front feeling, which by all acounts I will.

    Thanks heaps for all your help
  7. aV3TYXpJ.


    Well there ya go, the 021 IS a different in tread pattern :oops: