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Tyres - BT014 and BT003 combo

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by raven, Oct 28, 2009.

  1. Tyres - BT016 and BT003 combo

    I switched to the BT016's last time around, and quite frankly I've been wrapped with the rear..it has stood up to my punishment extremely well...Hung with me at the more extreme lean angles, regardless of throttle prodding...maintained their overall shape with the commute and week-end running in the twisties.
    I did reach it's limits at PI, but on the whole, given it is not really designed to run hard on the track, it hung in there, and when it did let go, it was a progressive slide or spin up rather than a quick, it's all over now kinda thing.

    The front was a different story...just like the previous 3 different tyres I had tried, it did not fill me with confidence at the more extreme end of the scale...When it DID finally give up it's traction, it was again progressive and quite easy to manage...but still...My mantra is "Front-end grip is life"...

    I just replaced my tyres and went for the BT016 on the rear again, but this time I went with the BT003 on the front..(sure it will wear out far more quickly, than the front, but I can live with that)
    THIS combination has me giggling like a school girl again...:))))

    I hit my favourite bits of road recently and not only was the front end grip much more nicely balanced to what the rear-end could handle, I was punting along through turns, just like the good ol' days with complete confidence...more importantly...even at what for my ability are pretty extreme lean angles I still felt like I was well within the tyres abilities overall (for the street)

    Several times during my playtime I needed to fold my inside leg back into the bike to allow the bike some more lean-room, which it handled without a swet...so I was beyond where I would normally expect to be, lean-wize. So, I was carrying more speed...*Bewdie! :)

    Appreciating the fact that...that's how this combo works on MY bike, for the way "I" ride....it would be remiss of me if I did'nt at least mention them as worthy of consideration as a combination tyre-set for general sports riding, which might also include some...erm... very sports riding...(coff)

  2. Nice write up there Raven.

    Thanks for the combo... After a track day this friday i think i will have some decisions to make, regarding my next tyre choice. Im currently running the BT-016's front and back on my CBR600rr and have enjoy the job they have done. Even spoken to Bamm-Bamm about them and convinced Morbo28 to give them ago also (see his comments in the Product review thread you started!!!)

    I have liked the job they have done on the road and the track. Ive never had a scary moment and always had faith in these tyres.
    I will look into the BT-003's and as you said, find what is right for 'MY' bike and the way 'I' ride.
  3. Dammit man, you're almost making me wish I could wear my tyres out quicker so I can try all these interesting combinations!

    I am reminded again just how far street tyres have come in the last few years. I remember scooting around on the VFR not so long ago frightening myself silly with numerous unexplained slips and slides that just don't happen any more.

    How would you describe the steering characteristics of this combo? (Fast , slow..)
  4. Re: Tyres - BT016 and BT003 combo

    One thing I neglected to mention in my OP was the fact that I was running the BT016 in a 55 profile on the rear, mate...Not mentioned as it did'nt have any bearing on the tyre "grip", BUT...the 55 rear profile made the blade a decent bit more "reactive" on the initial tip in...problem was...THAT created problems for me, mid-corner. I believe it transferred too much weight onto the front-end, which would add to the front-ends tendency to wanna slide out on me.

    For the new set up I went back to the original 50 profile.

    SO...the 55 rear increased the initial tip in response but upset midcorner performance IMHO...the 50 profile (stock) is more balanced and as it was originally.

    (That's the preamble) :)

    This new tyre combo in of itself does'nt alter the typical Blade performace from other tyres. Which IMHO is a little slow and requiring more body language and energy to get the bike turned-in, than I would consider ideal...however...Once in the slot, it hangs there really really well...better than any of the other stock tyre choices I have made.
    This tyre combo does'nt effect tip-in over others, just that it sticks well when pushed, mate. :)

  5. Re: Tyres - BT016 and BT003 combo

    I've had the pleasure of riding the 600RR a resonable amount, and I would think that the 003's front and rear would be an awesome choice for that bike(IMHO). :)
    If you have to mix up a fair bit of commute and general riding then the 016 on the rear would be a good way to go, since they are a longer lasting tyre overall.

    If you wanted track only, they I can only imagine the 003 would be pretty sharp for that...just remember though that tyre life is less that the 016. :)

    Decisions, decisions, eh. :)))

  6. Yep as Gilesy said, I am wrapped with the 16s. I actually considered the 003 front but wanted to try the 16s straight first.

    As I said in the other thread the level of confidence to get more power on, at greater leans and earlier in the corner is fantastic. Converted.

    edit: should the title read "BT016" instead of "BT-014"?
  7. Re: Tyres - BT016 and BT003 combo

    Yeah, it should Morbo...I went in and edited my typo in the heading, but it won't change it in the original thread for some reason...even though I have done it several times...grrrr!..

    Glad you like the 16's...they'll turn to gue when pushed after 3-4 laps on the track (PI)....was'nt even a hot day, but for anything other than hard track riding, they are the ants-pants I reckon. At least from the Pilots, Corsa, and corsa 3's that I have tried so far. Could be better tyres out there in tyre land, but for me, I'd be hard pressed to bother looking further at this stage...maybe that'll change after I've got 5K or so on them, but in their current fresh state - bloody tops. :)
    Oh...have'nt had the 003's on a wet surface yet, but the 016's were great for general wet road conditions.

  8. Don't you mean BT-016 and BT-003 combination?
  9. John,

    I like the sound of this combo. Do you expect to match the front end wear to the rear now needing a 1 for swap when the wear out?

    (I wouldn't mind having to do that either)
  10. Yes mate...I typo'd the heading but I can't fix it - tried sveral times..eurgh
  11. Re: Tyres - BT016 and BT003 combo

    Yeah...I'm guessing I'll get around 4 (maybe 5 K?) out of the front...and should get 7 K out of the rear...that'll break up the replacement time and spread the cost spike, by not replacing both tyres at the same time, even though it's more costly overall. Happy to do that for the extra front-end grip. :)
    I don't use tyres till there is nothing left, and do ride agressively (outside of my normal sports riding) on occasion, so it could pan out differently, but I may be onto a happy medium.

    If I was'nt doing a fair amount of just boring general riding, I'd be on the 003's for both ends, (or even a more track focused tyre...but I don't reckon they handle general road surface use all that well.)

  12. 4-5K out of a front tyre...woah. Think I'll stick to the 16s, since I commute, scratch, tour and track day on the same bike!