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Tyres... again.

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by adinfinitum, May 16, 2008.

  1. Hello all,

    tyre question.

    I have an option to get ex-race Dunlop Sportmax GP tyres from a trusted friend who is a track day official. I've seen them, and they look in great condition - amature racing only and over 90% tread. The price is also good. I'm currently on Bridgestones. Also, the profile of the Dunlops will increase to 55 from the BS 50.

    Does anyone have experience with these or advice? How to they compare particularly for normal road riding.

    I don't ride too hard just some quickish road work on country roads. :wink:
  2. Make sure they say "DOT approved" not "Not for highway use"

    They may take time to warm up and may not grip very well in cold,
    but once warm should be good.

    The profile will make your bike handle differently, probably more
    responsive/nervous to steering.

    They may not grip for as many warmup-cooldown cycles

    You do not say if your bike is a similar weight to the bikes they
    are racing on

    All that said, if you get a deal on them, lots of people swear by
    ex-race tyres.
  3. Thanks Hotcam,

    Yes, they're DOT approved. My Z1000 lists just under 200kg dry. These tyres are from super-sport 600cc at around 160-180kg so I'm a little heavier. My mate who will get them for me uses the same on his R1 and swears by them, but then again he is a boy racer and rides more Kms on track days than on road.

    I have heard they make take more time to warm up so I'll just have to take it easy :roll: . I'm a fairly sedate rider usually anyway.
  4. The D208RR is the only dunlop tyre I've used that I haven't completely hated. I had one on the front of the ZX9 because I couldn't find anything else, and it did a good job until it scalloped itself to bits 7000 or 8000km later.

    If you can find ex-race Pirellis or even better, Bridgestones, you'll be much better off. They're out there!
  5. Unfortunately, I only have access to the Dunlops. I wasn't specifically out to buy ex-race tyres, I was just offered some by a friend and am short of cash atm. If I was a little more flush, I'd probably just stick with a new set of the originals.

    What was is about the Dunlops you didn't like Loz?