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Tyrekicking the Yammie MT-01

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by FormerUser1, Aug 22, 2005.

  1. http://www.motorcycle.com/mo/mcyam/mcphotos/mt0102.html

    A quick snoop around the Ringwood bikeshops last Sat morning finished up with my first real-life encounter with the MT-01.
    Months of pics on the net hadn't prepared me for the "smallness" of this thing. It's fairly short and surprisingly comfy to sit on for my 6-foot frame.

    Bars were a bit too short for my taste and didn't have enough "crank" in it to sit as upright as the rest of the ergonomics dictate.
    That HUGE 1700cc twin is just simply obscene.
    Looks like Yammie stuck with their tried/ trusted R1-family brakes.
    The 2 high exhausts seem to widen the rear seat to 3 ft, real stove-pipes !
    140nm torque at around 5000rpm, with a 5500rpm redline sound like nearly too much fun to handle, though :LOL: :LOL:

    This one has just slipped onto the 'testride' calender as soon as I can pinch it for an hour or 3 :)
  2. At last, someone else that thinks it would be a hoot to ride :LOL: Personally, I can't wait for the KTM 950 supermoto. Mmmm -carburettors, not too much plastic, light & grunty. Perfect corner carver & back road blaster -gravel included. Hurry up Mr. KTM
  3. I saw one on the road last week, they do look smaller than the magazine adds let on.

    Let us know what you rekon when you've taken it for a spin. We can't trust the PR spin in the mags these days... :(
  4. The more I see it the more I like it. Except for the exhaust which look shit, maybe some Staintunes will clean it up a bit. Let me know if you find a place willing to do test runs, I'd love a go.
  5. Needs some (straight 8) ) staintunes on it but I quite like it.

    Bit silly but then who buys a bike like that for practical purposes? Unless of course you need a grunty twin for towing your yacht. :LOL:

    Might get one in a few years if I have the cash and they prove to be reliable. Then again...with the B-King looking like making production...
  6. It somehow doesn't like longer/ higher/ bulkier than a GSX14/ XJR13.
    Many engine components look like they were shoe-horned into the frame, that'll be a real biatch to work on (read: expensive to service).

    From the rear the pipes look somewhat appropriate but from the usual 3/4 front view they're rather like the funnels of the Spirit-of-Tassie. :)
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  8. Heavy like boat anchor as well.
  9. It's interesting that on the Yamaha website this bike is seperated into it's own category of "torque-sports" which is probably quite apt. Be nice to see the MT-03 released here soon.
  10. I'd rather see them bring in the BT-1100
  11. I've seen one in the metal, not sat one one and they are a lot smaller than the pics make them look. Would love to hear some unbiased feedback as to how it rides.
  12. Saw one of the Aussie Superbike riders taking a couple spectators round Winton on a MT-01 on Saturday. Didn't look real quick after watching the supers! It did obviously have some cornering ability though, and the passengers stepped off looking suitably green.

    The sound isn't as hearty as I expected, which was a disappointment - kind of drier and woofier than I had imagined... Although from memory Akrapovic make a pipe kit to suit.

    Still Pete, wouldn't have picked you in that target demographic...
  13. Ahhhh, nekkids can do it to anyone, anytime :LOL: :LOL:
  14. Given that the target market is probably the US and well-heeled Europeans, it should do well.
    But, like everyone else, I can't wait for some unbiased feedback from a fellow Netrider!!
    (That's a HUMUNGOUS .jpg, incidentally)
    (And a Metzler tyre too, interesting in view of my comment about Europe.....)
  15. Pete, first the Tuono - now the MT.

    Will you stop lusting after my bikes to-be?
  16. I joined the MT-01 newsletter group in September '04. The release date was advised as March '05. I had been to the local dealer, Action Motorcycles, about 8-10 times ( ie regularly) to check and see when an example would *finally* hit the floor. Well, it finally hit the floor in late May '05. Sort of.....

    They promptly put the 1 and only example up on a pedestal. And there it sits to this day :shock: Not once has it been started for potential customers to hear. Not once has it been taken off the pedestal for potential customers to test-ride. It still sits there to this day, not started. Even the shop assistants are not allowed to sit on it !!!

    Is this some kind of joke ? I made it absolutely clear to Action that (a) I had been cashed up and in the market since September last year , and (b) would be happy to leave my 1-of-33-imported fuel injected 1980 z1000 as a deposit for a test ride.

    They insisted that only a 'substantial' cash deposit would be acceptable, and then renigged on that !!!

    Due to the unbelievable way in which Yamaha Motor have dealt with me as a long-time and regular customer, in the market for my first large Yamaha road-bike in over 2 decades, I went straight out and bought an '05 ZX12 for less than the price of a new GSXR600 !!!

    I want to ride an MT-01, and see what all the fuss is about. I would have parted with the 21.5k POR, but hells bells, I want to TEST-RIDE the damn thing first :evil: Is this too much to ask ??? As far as tyre-kickers go, that is a crock - the Kawasaki dealer gave me the demo to take home ferchrissake ! If Kawasaki can do it, then so can bloody Yamaha !!

    rant over. Sorry about that.

    regards all
  17. Justified rant, and corporate stupidity!!! If I was spending $2150 on a bike I'd want to ride it! The dumbos at Action, or Yamaha, if the idolatry of the bike is their idea, should hang their heads in shame!
  18. Seems the way for Yammy dealers in my experience. They're never very keen to help you. Although one time I walked into Geoff Taylor they were pitching to me in about 5 seconds flat... :LOL:
  19. Did anyone figure out which one it is?
  20. I've seen somthign that looks alot like the MT-03 and not being a sports bike fan I reckon it looks mad!!!!! Altho it also looks like the 'fairigns' (if you want to call it that:p ) should move closer to the body at high speed :p