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Tyre Wear

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by piper, Aug 9, 2006.

  1. Hi folks,

    I'm new to the bike scene and am looking around for my first 250. I've found a Zeal with around 7000 on the clock. The owner reakons it'll be up for some new tyres soon, does that sound right ? How long should the tyres last or is it possible the spedo's been wound back ?

    Haven't seen the bike in the flesh yet.

    Any opinions on the Zeal (owner says its not grey)


  2. 7000 seems realistic for a soft tyre and/or a bike ridden hard. Of course if they're the originals they're going to be at least 6 years old so could probably do with replacing on that basis alone.
  3. Tyres are getting pretty ordinary after a year, worn or not. So if its a few years old then its definatly due for replacement.

    For a soft 250 tyre 8000 is about their life, a harder tyre like BT-45 could see 15,000.
  4. First of all, welcome to the forum, and to motorcycling. Both of them are pretty neat!

    The two "Js" have it dead right; the wear is probably commensurate with the mileage, and if the tyres are old or even original, you should spend the money and ditch them anyway.

    Can I suggest along with that that irrespective of what the seller says, that you budget for a full, professional service when you get it, and monitor mileage/tyres/expenses and condition from that day onward. You NEED to know these numbers, and track tyre wear especially.....
  5. Cool, thanks for the info and the welcome to the forum. The km's seemed a bit low and I thought that the speedo may have been wound back. Feel a bit more comfortable about it now.

    I know my way around 4 wheels pretty well but the bikes are something new for me so it will definately have to get a full service.

    Hope to post some photo's of my new ride once I've found it.


  6. Hey Mark,

    I noticed in another post you just got your learners, where did you complete the course? was it on the weekend.

    I also just got my L's on the weekend (in Vic)

  7. Did mine last thursday/friday out at HART in Kilsyth. Glad I went with them, I'll certainly be going back for some more training with them.

    Congrat's for your L's. Where did you get yours ?
  8. I did mine on Sat/Sun at HART Tullamarine. I'm also very glad I went to them, top instructors.

    Now i need to find a bike...

    I was reading your comment in the Lane Splitting topic, the instructors were telling us it is not legal to lane split, even if the traffic is not moving. So i found it interesting they told you otherwise.
  9. Welcome the forum, incidentally, Luke :grin: If you need any info on how this place runs, there are a couple of faqs in the New Riders forum, and also in the Welcome Lounge.....
  10. Thanks Hornet, I was hoping you were about to say "I know of a bike you might be interested in"..!!!

    Anyway I will get back to the Bikes for Sale section. :)
  11. Whoa there Luke.....I get first dibs on "that" bike that Hornet knows about :p :p :p .....oh I forgot, there wasn't one......

    Race you to the bank :grin:
  12. 7000KM. That's a very low mileage for a 5/6 years old bike. I would grill the owner why it is so low.
  13. I had 8000kms on my 2001 ZRX1200R when I sold it a couple of months ago.

    I have multiple bikes so none of them get a huge amount of use.

    Some people don't ride much either.
  14. I've seen a couple with those sorts of k's with similar ages as well. I just put it down to low use. He claims its not a grey import and bought it from City Yamaha. Shouldn't be too hard to confirm the details with them.


  15. Even if the tyres are not too bad, replace them front and rear if you can afford to.
    Important for the feel of the bike and the confidence that new tyres brings.
    If you are the one to wear out a new set then you will soon get a feel for how the bike should behave.
    When the handling starts getting iffy as the tyres go off, you will pick up on it and know it's time to shop for new rubber.
    Then the feeling of new bikeness that new tyres brings will make you smile.