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Tyre wear

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Dazzler, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. Yes I know they all wear eventually, I've just got a question about the way my tyres are wearing.

    Michelin PR2's @3000K on a VFR 800

    After a bit of fun and aggression last night I had a look at the rear tyre in the lght of day today and saw that the edges of the tyre blocks were wearing asymetrically, ie either side of a groove was wearing differently.

    Obviously there is a leading and a trailing edge of the grooves.

    This is most evident towards the outside of the tread not in the centre of the tyre.

    One edge shoulder looks pristine and square and the other is rounded. (shakes fist, I would upload a pic if the server would let me).

    I am curious whether this is normal given that this is my first bike that will powerslide pushing hard out of a tight corner (like last night), or whether my pressures are wrong (running 38psi) or something else.

    Thanks team.
  2. 38 on a VFR is probably a little low, actually. The feathering that you describe is usually symptomatic of low tyre pressure which you might have been running for a while and not noticed. FWIW, I run about 42 in my rear PP and get around 11-13000kms.
  3. . but you ride like an old woman :LOL:
  4. As I said, I want to but the image upload is not working still/again.
  5. open a flickr account or photobucket. upload a pic then do this

  6. OK thanks Smee, I'll give it a go.

    BTW how's the ankle/achilles?
  7. My last 50 sets have worn like that. More so when i had the twin. Wouldn't worry about it to much
  8. Normal. Comes from actually having horsepower going through
    the back wheel (you'll notice the same thing on the front from brakes if
    you get to using them firmly).
  9. Yep that is normal and only a very mild form of it, torque is not a tyre's friend.
  10. I found 37f and 39r was a good combo on the last set of PR2's I had. Last set went for around 20,000kms.